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        <page value="20060608231847" timestamp="2006-06-08T23:18:47Z" ns="0" title="Governing Documents" />
        <page value="20060628164802" timestamp="2006-06-28T16:48:02Z" ns="0" title="Legacy effect" />
        <page value="20060628164902" timestamp="2006-06-28T16:49:02Z" ns="0" title="General Fund" />
        <page value="20060629194756" timestamp="2006-06-29T19:47:56Z" ns="0" title="Late Night at By George" />
        <page value="20070308034157" timestamp="2007-03-08T03:41:57Z" ns="0" title="Diversity Efforts Committee" />
        <page value="20070308202703" timestamp="2007-03-08T20:27:03Z" ns="0" title="Finance &amp; Budget" />
        <page value="20070309083420" timestamp="2007-03-09T08:34:20Z" ns="0" title="RainyDawg Program Director" />
        <page value="20070309084706" timestamp="2007-03-09T08:47:06Z" ns="0" title="Committee for Eating Disorder Awareness" />
        <page value="20070309084719" timestamp="2007-03-09T08:47:19Z" ns="0" title="Committee on Eating Disorder Awareness Director" />
        <page value="20070309090301" timestamp="2007-03-09T09:03:01Z" ns="0" title="Publicity and Programming Committee" />
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