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          <rev user="Asuwtech" timestamp="2019-04-15T21:13:30Z" comment="/* Programs */ removed off campus housing links" xml:space="preserve">&lt;big&gt;'''Welcome to the Wiki pages for the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW)!'''&lt;/big&gt;

The purpose of this Wiki is to provide a readily accessible resource for all things ASUW, particularly its historical background, documents, and general information. If you would like to make an addition to the Wiki, you can either log in with your UW NetID to edit pages, or email a submission to the [ ASUW Director of Policies and Procedures]

== About ASUW ==
The Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) is as a nonprofit that acts as the undergraduate student government on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. The structure of ASUW is a complex composition of government, corporation, advocacy, and programming elements which have been created and modified by thousands of students over more than a hundred years. The ASUW works closely with the Student Advisory Office (SAO) and the Graduate and Professional Student Senate GPSS in providing services for not only undergraduates but also clubs and graduate students. 

You can also learn more at

== [[Governing Documents]] ==
In an effort to consolidate information, some of the following link to the the [ ASUW Records webpage], where documents will be updated regularly.
The ASUW Records webpage is also the best way to access ASUW Board Bills, Committee Meeting Minutes, and Reports from the Board of Directors and various ASUW Entities

* [ Articles of Incorporation]
* [ ASUW Constitution] 
* [ ASUW Bylaws]
* [[Student Senate Bylaws]]
* [[Student Senate Rules]]
* [[Legislative Agenda]]
* [[Elections Policies and Procedures]]

== [[Board of Directors]] ==
* [[President]]
* [[Vice President]] 
* [[Personnel Director]]
* [[Finance and Budget Director]]
* [[Communications Director]]
* [[Director of University Affairs]]
* [[Director of Policy and Procedures]]
* [[Director of Community Relations]]
* [[Director of Diversity Efforts]]
* [[Director of Programming]]
* [[Director of Service and Partnerships]]
* [[Student Senate Vice-Chair]]
* [[Graduate and Professional Student Senate Secretary]]

== [[Student Senate]] ==
* [[Student Senate Chair]]
* [[Student Senate Vice Chair]]
* [[Student Senate Membership Coordinator]]
* [[Student Senate Administrative Assistant]]

* [[Senate Steering Committee]]
* [[Senate On Campus Student Life Committee]] 
* [[Senate Off Campus Student Life Committee]]
* [[Senate Academic and Administration Affairs Committee]]
* [[Senate General Affairs Committee]]
* [[Senate Oversight Committee]]
* [[Senate Style, Presentation, and Formatting Committee]]
* [[Senate Publicity, Outreach, and Membership Committee]]
* [[Senate Summer Review Committee]]
* [[Senate Officer Review Committee]]

== Enterprises ==
;[[Experimental College]]

;[[Bike Shop]]

== Programs ==
;[[Arts and Entertainment]]

;[[ASUW Ambassadors]]

;[[Elections Administration Committee]]

;[[Office of Communications]]

;[[Office of Government Relations]]

;[[Office of Volunteer Opportunities]]

;[[Rainy Dawg Radio Station]]

;[[Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists]]

;[[Student Health Consortium]]

;[[UW Leaders]]

== Commissions ==
;[[American Indian Student Commission]]

;[[Asian Student Commission]]

;[[Black Student Commission]]

;[[Student Disability Commission]]

;[[Queer Student Commission]]

;[[La Raza Student Commission]]

;[[Pacific Islander Student Commission]]

;[[Women's Action Commission]]

;[[Joint Commissions Committee]]

== Technology Department ==
* [[Systems Administrator]]
* [[Webmaster]]

== Delineated Committees ==

* [[Judicial Committee]]
* [[Elections Administration Committee]]
* [[Legislative Steering Committee]]
* [[Finance &amp; Budget Committee]]
* [[Governance Committee]]
* [[Personnel Committee]]

== Other Resources ==
* [[Abbreviation|ASUW Acronym Guide]]

== ASUW Personnel Lists ==
*[[Personnel 2013-2014]]
*[[Personnel 2012-2013]]
*[[Personnel 2011-2012]]
*[[Personnel 2010-2011]]
*[[Personnel 2009-2010]]
*[[Personnel 2008-2009]]
*[[Personnel 2007-2008]]
*[[Personnel 2006-2007]]
*[[Personnel 2005-2006]]

== Sessions &amp; Quarterly Reports==
*[[113th Session]]
*[[112th Session]]
*[[111th Session]]
*[[110th Session]]
*[[109th Session]]
*[[108th Session]]
*[[107th Session]]
*[[106th Session]]
*[[105th Session]]
*[[104th Session]]

Note: Quarterly Reports for all ASUW Enterprises, Commissions, and Programs are available at

==[[ASUW Elections]]==
ASUW Elections occur every Spring to elect the ASUW President, Vice President, and at-large members of the Board of Directors
For election information and results, see main article: [[ASUW Elections]]

== Non-ASUW Entities / Groups ==
* [[ASUWT]]
* [[ASUWB]]
* [[Board of Regents]]
* [[GPSS| Graduate and Professional Student Senate]]
* [[IFC| Interfraternity Council]]
* [[Panhellenic]]
* [[RCSA| Residential Community Student Association]]
* [[Student Activities and Union Facilities]]
* [[Student Advisory Office]]
* [[The Daily]]
* [[Student-Centered Committees (Non-ASUW)]]
* [[University Committees]]
* [[Faculty Councils]]
* [[Faculty Senate]]</rev>