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ASUW Ambassadors Purpose and Mission Statement

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Our mission is to introduce and connect new students to the Associated Students of the University of Washington through involvement in programming, services, and advocacy efforts of the Association. Whether your goal is to eventually host Rainy Dawg Radio, become a Student Senator, run for the Board of Directors, apply for an ASUW job, volunteer for a committee, or get involved in the countless other opportunities that ASUW has to offer, we're here to help you take your first step.
For more information please check out the ASUW Ambassadors Website as it is updated:

About ASUW Ambassadors

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The ASUW Ambassadors Program was officially created in January 2010 during the 109th Session after over a year as a pilot program. The program seeks to teach incoming students about the opportunities available to them within ASUW.
The program was created by Jason Padvorac the 109th Session Director of Faculty, Administration, and Academic Affairs, Tim Mensing the 109th Session President, Courtney Hampson the UW Leaders 08-09 Co-Director, and Madeleine McKenna the UW Leaders 08-09 Co-Director, 109th Session Vice President and 110th Session President as a pilot program under First Year Programs. The program was created to teach freshman, sophomores, and transfer juniors about their student government. ASUW Ambassadors is a 6 week program for UW students who are looking for ways to get involved with the ASUW. Along with receiving basic information about how to get involved with the ASUW, Ambassadors learn about how ASUW can be a powerful instrument for student voice and personal development. The program consists of a broad and detailed view of all aspects involved with the ASUW. In the 08-09 school year the program had 30 participants and each student give a presentation to a FIG class about ASUW. The program is held in Fall Quarter and students learn about ASUW, leadership, and hear presentations from a variety of on campus leaders.
The ASUW Ambassadors program became an official ASUW program under 09-10 Co-Directors Katie Stultz, William Cavecche, and Mary Liang, along with the Board of Directors of the 109th Session. In Fall of 2009 students sat in on a Board of Directors meeting, researched and created presentations on one specific entity in the ASUW, and participated in the Meyers-Briggs Personality Assessment test, administered by Grant Kollett, the Director of First Year Programs and heard presentations from leaders across campus such as past President Mark Emmert and 2009-2010 Student Regent Ben Golden.

Contact Information

ASC Director: Supo Techagumthorn

Advisor: Jennifer Pope

Office: HUB 121F

Phone: 206.543.1780


Facebook: ASUW Ambassadors

'Past ASUW Ambassadors Directors

2012-2013 Chelsa Ayers

2011-2012 Yasi Azodi, Matthew Huggins, and Aarson Hsieh

2010-2011 Amanda Anderson, Karthika Appiah, and Desiree Hanssen

2009-2010 William Cavecche, Katie Stultz, and Mary Liang

2008-2009 Tim Mensing, Madeline McKenna, Jason Padvorac, and Courtney Hampson

ASUW Ambassadors Links

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