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Ada Waelder served as the ASUW Vice President for the 113th session of the Board of Directors. Waelder graduated in June of 2014 majoring in Political Science with a minor in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. She was involved with ASUW for all of her 4 years at the University of Washington.

Residence Hall Student Association (RHSA) Head Senator (2011-2012)

ASUW Senate Speaker (2012-2013)


1. Maintain Strong, Clear Channels of Communication • Meet quarterly with the Head Senators for the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Panhellenic Council, and Residence Hall Student Association (RHSA), and other organizations with protected seats to ensure that each group is able to fill its seats with passionate senators ready to best represent their interests • Work with Senate Leadership and the ASUW Board of Directors EARLY to establish problem solving mechanisms and clear communication between the Board and Senate

2. Ensure Membership Reform has a Smooth Implementation • Work EARLY with all organizations currently represented in Senate to educate them on how membership reform will affect their seats • Work on educating groups not traditionally represented in Senate on how to navigate the membership system and become involved • Work with RHSA, First Year Programs, Freshmen Interest Groups (FIGs), Transfer Interest Groups (TRIGs) and other university groups to teach incoming students about the value of Senate as well as how best to get involved • Maintain an open discourse about the challenges and successes of membership reform and remain flexible to implementing improvements

3. Act as a Resource to all Students • Work with senators and non-senators alike to aid them in writing and presenting legislation • Publicize forums so that students are aware that they have an opportunity to attend Senate meetings to gain valuable insights from relevant groups from on and off campus

4. Maintain Relevancy of Standing Committees • Meet with Session XVIII committee chairs to discuss changes that could be made to help committees be more effective • Ensure that all committee chairs and vice chairs are well versed in the Senate rules by holding a specialized orientation • Work with Senate leadership, as well as committee chairs, to establish more effective methods of communicating committee reports (so that in the absence of the chair/vice chair of a committee a report could still be given), and discuss the possibility of publishing committee reports online

5. Keep Senate Relevant to Students • Work with current and former senators to gain feedback on the most useful and interesting forums • Develop quarterly surveys to give senators an easy an effective mechanism for giving their feedback on Senate, and to help the Senate Leadership learn and grow based on them • Work with the Vice Chair to ensure that all students gain a comprehensive understanding of the purpose and rules of parliamentary procedure • Work with the rest of the Senate Leadership to enhance senator orientations • Facilitate monthly/quarterly get-togethers to help establish a comfortable sense of community within Senate • Work to establish an email communication system that informs constituents how their senator votes and allows for more direct representation and feedback • Do everything necessary to ensure senate opinion gets turned into reality, including, but not limited to, going to Olympia and working with administrators • Use the Chair’s Report to give regular updates on how resolutions are being followed through after passage through the Senate and Board of Directors

ASUW Vice President (2013-2014)


Fiscal Responsibility Re-examine the Experimental College’s (ExCo) stance as a net-zero enterprise – in tandem with the Finance & Budget Director and the Director of ExCo – and explore the idea of making it an ASUW entity. Re-evaluate the maintenance of the Off-Campus Housing Affairs website to prevent waste of student dollars. Utilize the Office of Communications to help Off-Campus Housing Affairs promote their services to all students and campus groups. Establish a regular and consistent method of evaluation for all ASUW enterprises to ensure that student resources are being used effectively. Maximize the profit of the Association by exploring new revenue opportunities, like Rainy Dawg Radio’s DJ services.

Engaging Students Expand the scope of the service projects put on by UW Leaders, by connecting them with the the Director of Service and Partnerships, to maximize their effect on the community. Create an advertising strategy with the Office of Volunteer Opportunities to encourage a diverse array of students to apply for the available positions and internship programs by advertising openings in the Daily and exploring other advertising methods. Work with ASUW entity directors to increase the number of internship opportunities available and strengthen the learning experience of these interns. Develop a plan with the Office of Communications to market the ASUW, its services, and mission statement to the larger student body.

Leadership Development Foster an environment of bottom-up leadership in ASUW to ensure that all students are able to influence the path of the association. Act as a voice for volunteers on ASUW committees to ensure that their interests are protected. Construct an ASUW Volunteer Policy which would serve to give direction to volunteer positions and ensure volunteers are getting the most out of their experiences. Strengthen the role of the Governance Committee to function both as a resource for ASUW members on University Committees, as well as a training ground to educate our representatives about the mission of ASUW.

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