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That We, Chas. W. Hall, James W. Dootson, Mildred Boyd, Helen M. Vaupell, Fred Hastings, J. Webster Hoover, E. Rex Smith, Citizens of the State of Washington, and being members of the unincorporated association known as the Associated Students of the University of Washington, desire to incorporate ourselves under the provisions of the law of the State of Washington entitled “An Act to provide for the Incorporation of Associations for Social, Charitable, and Educational Purposes,” approved March 21st, 1895, do hereby agree and certify as follows: t wit:



The name of this corporation shall be “The Associated Students of the University of Washington.”


The purpose and object for which this corporation is formed are as follow:

1. To promote, manage, control and encourage all kinds of field and athletic sports, and promote and encourage the sport, pleasure, exercise and recreation of its members, to arrange, promote manage and control athletic contests, and for this purpose to purchase, hold, acquire, buy, sell, lease, mortgage and hypothecate both real and personal property, to erect buildings, or other structures necessary and proper for the purposes before mentioned. To borrow and loan money and do any and all things whatsoever which may be requisite, necessary and proper in and about the carrying out of the purposes and objects herein before mentioned.
2. To promote and encourage education and culture among the members of this corporation, and to this end to promote and encourage literary efforts of every kind, name, nature and description. To manage, promote and conduct educational and literary contests among the members of this corporation, and between this corporation and other like bodies in this State, and in other State and Territories and any foreign countries.
3. To promote and encourage scientific study and investigation in all the sciences and to this end to promote and encourage contests and exhibitions among the members of this corporation and between the members of this corporation and other like bodies in this and all other States and Territories.
4. To promote and encourage musical education and entertainments and to this end to promote and encourage musical entertainments and performances among the members of this corporation and other like bodies in this State and any other State and Territory.
5. To promote and encourage debating and oratory and to promote, manage and encourage any and all forms of student activities of the University of Washington and to this end to have power and authority to do any and all things which are necessary, convenient or incident thereto.
6. To make, execute and enter into contracts of every kind and character with individuals, firms, associations and corporations, private, public and municipal, and bodies politic, and with the Government of the United States, and with any State or Territory or Colony or district thereof and with any foreign country.
7. To do each and everything necessary, suitable or proper for the accomplishment of any of the purposes or the attainment of any one or more of the objects herein enumerated or which shall at any time appear expedient for the protection or benefit of its members either as holders of or interested in any property, and it being the intention that the objects and purposes herein specified shall in no wise be limited or restricted by reference to or inference from the terms of any other clause of this or any other paragraph, in this instrument, but that the objects, purposes and power specified in each of the clauses of this second paragraph shall be regarded as individual objects, purposes and powers.
8. This corporation may hold real and personal estate and may hire, purchase or erect suitable buildings for its accommodation to be devoted to the purposes set forth in this agreement of association, and may receive and hold in trust or otherwise sums received by gift or bequest to be devoted by it to such purposes, and for the purpose of the Corporation shall have power to issue its promissory notes, bonds, or other obligations to be secured by mortgage upon its real estate and other property in such manner as may be provided by its Bylaws.


This corporation shall be located at the University of Washington, in the City of Seattle, in the County of King and state of Washington.


This corporation shall not have any capital stock.


The time of the existence of this corporation shall be fifty years from the date of its incorporation unless sooner dissolved according to laws. [Note amendment.]


All matters or things in any way appertaining to the affairs of this corporation wherein it has not been otherwise herein provided shall be subject to the regulation and control of the bylaws adopted by the members of this corporation. [Note amendment.]


All registered students who have paid the students annual fee shall be members of this corporation.


The first meeting of the subscribers to this agreement was held on the eighteenth day of April, 1906.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands in triplicate his 18th day of April, A.D. 1906.

Chas W. Hall

Fred W. Hastings

Helen M. Vaupell

Mildred M. Boyd

Jas. W. Dootson

J. Webster Hoover

E. Rex Smith

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