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The Associated Students of the University of Washington ASUW was as a nonprofit that acted as the undergraduate student government on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. The structure of ASUW is a complex composition of government, corporation, advocacy, and programming elements which have been created and modified by thousands of students over more than a hundred years. The ASUW works closely with the Student Advisory Office (SAO) and the Graduate and Professional Student Senate GPSS in providing services for not only undergraduates but also clubs and graduate students.

For a list of the various acronyms used by people in the ASUW see the ASUW Acronym Guide.

Board of Directors (BOD)
The Board is the executive body of the association. The 8 members are elected at the end of each academic year to serve the following year. There are also additionally, two hired positions that sit without vote on the Board: the Personnel Director and the Finance and Budget Director. Beyond leadership of the ASUW, with the Finance and Budget Committee and Special Appropriations Committee, it allocates funds to its operations as well as disperses money RSO sponsored student events.
Student Senate
The ASUW Student Senate is the opinion making body of the association, comprised of students from Registered Student Organizations, living groups (residence hall, commuter, and Greek) and the ASUW diversity commissions. Every week it meets to discuss issues important to students at the UW and establish resolutions of official student opinion which are then approved by the BOD. ASUW leaders are bound by these resolutions.
ASUW works on issues affecting underrepresented groups on campus through our Commission Directors. We currently have 8 different commissions that host events for educational goals as well as community building.
Office of Governmental Relations (OGR)
The Director of this Office is the student lobbyist who serves full time in Olympia during the legislative session, Winter Quarter. This office coordinates voting registration efforts, promotes voter education, and plans legislative programming events, including the annual Lobby Day in Olympia. Although our primary focus is on the State Legislature and State Agencies, the OGR also should advocate on relevant public policy issues to the U.S. Congress and to various county and city governments.
Arts & Entertainment (A&E)
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Arts & Entertainment implements a variety of programming interests from mainstream national acts to local and regional talent. It provides free entertainment to students whenever possible, and guarantees a low ticket price for UW students. Past events include: The Shins Concert, serving 4500 in Hec Edmunson Pavilion as well as smaller 1500 person concerts and comedy shows.

Experimental College
The Experimental College is the largest not-for-profit student-run program of its kind. They offer fun, non-credit classes in over twenty different categories. The variety of classes presents you with a unique opportunity to expand your interests and knowledge. We publish over 50,000 catalogs a quarter and offer over 200 courses located conveniently at the University, the University District, and other locations within Seattle.
RainyDawg Radio
RainyDawg Radio is a fully functional internet radio station with music focused toward our campus and region.
Bike Shop
The Bike shop is fully capable of handling any bike repair or tune-ups needed. One of the oldest ASUW not-for-profit entities, they offer quality repair, affordable prices, and a convenient location.
UW Leaders
This program encourages and aids students in developing and maturing as individuals and will improve student participation on campus and in the community through the development, improvement, and application of student leadership skills.
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Committee Organizing Rape Education (CORE)
The ASUW CORE is comprised of students and is committed to ending sexual assault through peer education. They serve the University community by providing presentations and facilitating discussion on the issues surrounding sexual assault.
Student Health Consortium (SHC)
The Student Health Consortium (SHC) provides resources to students and student groups interested in health. Their mission is to improve campus health by fostering collaboration and having a regular forum for health-interested students. The SHC strives to build a health community that will work together on initiatives to address large issues in health.
Off-Campus Housing Affairs (OCHA)
OCHA maintains listings for off-campus rentals, roommates wanted, housing wanted and sublets; however, OCHA never recommends or endorses any listings. It has a variety of housing related resources available for students and others visiting UW on a temporary basis such as bicycle trail maps and references for legal help. The office and online database serves as a posting service for off-campus housing information.
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