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Bryan Dosono was both the Student Senate Chair and the Student Senate Membership Coordinator. Dosono, crowned Homecoming King in 2012, was also President of Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity and President of the United Greek Council.


Senate Tenure

  • Student Senate Chair, Session XVII
    • Defended official standing opinion of over 40,000 students to administrators and legislators
    • Installed electronic voting system of 120 new wireless clickers to expedite voting procedures
    • Lobbied and testified for higher education access and affordability to state congressmen
  • Student Senate Membership Coordinator, Session XVI
    • Increased diversity of Senate body by outreaching to over 50 active student groups on campus
    • Coordinated t-shirt fundraiser that netted $100+ in revenue towards the Husky Pride Fund
    • Recognized as "Employee of the Month" for aggressive recruitment of 100+ new members
  • Legislative Programming Committee, Session XVI
    • Programmed quarterly lobbying efforts for higher ed. advocacy between students and legislators
    • Mobilized a political action network that informed students of the current local issues in Olympia
    • Developed student partnerships between all three UW campuses to amplify the student voice
  • Student Publications Board Liaison, Session XV
    • Determined strategic direction of The Daily newspaper by overseeing financial operations
    • Mitigated highly controversial articles and graphics derived from opposing student perspectives
    • Evaluated and resolved internal personnel grievances within staffed members of the board
  • At-Large Senator for Residence Hall Student Association, Session XV
    • Represented voices of the 5,000+ students that live in the residence halls to the Senate body
    • Implemented hall caucus retention strategies; kept weekly meeting attendance above quorum
    • Streamlined channels of communication between different student groups through social media

Authored Legislation

  • R-17-26: A Resolution Preserving the Evans School and the iSchool
  • R-16-27: A Resolution in Support of a Co-Curricular Activities Transcript
  • R-16-11: A Resolution for Involvement in Higher Education Advocacy Day



  • Homecoming King, October 2012
  • Phi Beta Kappa Society, June 2011
  • ASUW Employee of the Month, November 2009
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