Chris Paredes's 2007 Presidential Platform

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Chris Paredes was a candidate for President in the 2007 ASUW Election for the 107th Session.

His platform follows:

Within each of us there is a flame, our hopes our desires and dreams. When each of us brings our individual flames together, the warmth and illumination grow and benefit everyone. We can withstand difficult times and accomplish more together.

As students, we should always value our goals and believe in our dreams. The University should be a place has students at the center of what it does. That is what we will work towards - community, a student-centered focus, support and working towards your dreams. By coming together, we can gain more illumination and warmth. Together we can ensure we have a strong voice and cultivate each others’ dreams.

By inspiring the fire, I hope to encourage student enagement and will work to make ASUW meaningful to all students. By cultivating the fire, I hope to make this campus more welcome, more accessible. In the Olympics, the fire represents striving for perfection and we too should strive for a better today, a better tomorrow!


We should all feel welcome, safe and able to access UW’s many resources, especially in times of economic change, restructuring and increasing dangers. As President, I hope my work will serve to inspire the fire within you. I will work to ensuring that you have a quality education, a safe campus and a fun college experience. Inspire the fire, Inspire UW!

BUILD COMMUNITY • Work with Commuter Caucus, ECC, Greek Community, Residence Halls, GPSS, Alumni Association, First Year Programs and Gateway center to build community • Reach out to transfer students • Use recommendations of Student-Parent Childcare Resource Taskforce • Develop guidelines for family-friendly, commuter-friendly programming • Make student events the cornerstone of campus programming • Maintain traditions that enhance quality of campus life • Increase campus involvement through new, exciting programs

SAFETY • Work with administration to develop better policies for emergencies and improve communication from administration to students after an emergency • Work with the Women’s Center, Office of Emergency Management, and UWPD to ensure emergency preparedness and safety information is available to all students • Promote resources such as the counseling center, CASA, CORE

IMPROVING EDUCATION • Give students more opportunities to find out how tuition is being spent • Ensure our best professors and administrators are retained • Work with administrators, legislators and students to increase advising • Work to improve access to courses • Work the Office of Governmental Relations and local officials to enforce housing code in the U-District to provide safer off-campus housing

ASUW RELEVANCY • Solicit student needs, input and suggestions for ASUW throughout the year • Make ASUW more transparent and accessible • Support more ASUW funded events by attending as a board • Help student groups develop their leaders through new programs and collaborations • Create community within ASUW • Follow through on senate legislation • Have the board undergo development workshops

MAINTAIN CONNECTIONS • Work with Tri-campus committee; maintain good relations with the branch campuses • Keep students aware of further developments in the HUB renovation plans • Connect students with / bring their issues to Administration

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