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Chris Paredes was a candidate for Vice President in the 2006 ASUW Elections.

His platform:

Vice-Presidency requires coordinating volunteers, leading bio-diesel, governance and corporate responsibility committees; assisting ASUW Leaders and creating new committees as needed. I will work to AMPLIFY! awareness of the opportunities available.

  • UW Experience *

I will work on student developed projects with members from different communities. - Utilize the governance committee to make every ASUW volunteer's experience more meaningful and fun. - Plan ASUW volunteer retreats with different campus communities (Greek system, RHSA, ECC, LGBT community, and Students with Disabilities community).

  • Communications *

I will improve communications with students and ensure accessibility to ASUW and other university resources. - Work with the rest of the board to ensure that our meetings occur throughout campus. - Visit RSOs with the M'Liss, Community Relations Director, throughout the year to make sure ALL students can give input. - Provide a strong presence when bringing your concerns to administration, with Hala, ASUW President.

  • Programming *

Programming includes support services and bringing entertainment. Though we have good entertainment, the student support programming isn't as strong as it could be. - Will work with Nelson, Director of Programming, to help promote events and programs like SARVA and CORE that empower victims and work to end relationship violence and rape.

  • ASUW Relevancy *

ASUW was created as a voice and resource for students, but often is perceived as inaccessible and irrelevant by many. - Plan to support new RSOs and programs and assist existing ones in efforts to create a stronger community. - Will engage in projects to promote diversity and student leadership.

  • Diversity *

I plan to work towards making this campus welcoming for all. - Include the ECC in campus tours - Work with Tyson, Director of Diversity, in supporting commissions and their constituencies.

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