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The SEC sets Faculty Senate agendas, helps the Senate conduct business per the Faculty Code, and facilitates communication between the President and the faculty. SEC coordinates with the UW Faculty Councils, recommends Faculty Senate actions, nominates Council and committee members, and responds to the concerns of voting faculty members. Meets: Mondays at 2:30 p.m., ten days before each Senate meeting.

Composition of the Executive Committee Faculty Code Sections 22-60 to 22-68
David Lovell, Faculty Senate Chair, with vote
Bruce Balick, Faculty Senate Vice Chair, with vote
Mark A. Emmert, President of the University, with vote
Phyllis M. Wise, Provost and Executive Vice President, without vote
Dan Jaffe, UW Bothell Representative, with vote
Michael Forman, UW Tacoma Representative, with vote
James W. Harrington, Faculty Legislative Represenatative, without vote
Jim Fridley, Deputy Faculty Legislative Represenatative, without vote
Marcia Killien, Secretary of the Faculty, without vote
Anttimo Bennett, ASUW President, without vote
Jake Faleschini, GPSS President, without vote
Group Representatives
Group One: Jameel Ahmad
Group Two: John Rahn
Group Three: William S.D. Wilcock
Group Four: James W. Harrington
Group Five: Vandra Huber
Group Six: John Zahorjan
Group Seven: Lisa Chew
Wesley Van Voorhis
Group Eight Carol Landis

Council Chairs

Academic Standards: John Schaufelberger
Benefits and Retirement: Steve Demorest
Educational Outreach: Leslie Breitner
Educational Technology: Werner Kaminisky
Faculty Affairs: Jan Sjåvik
Instructional Quality: Mary Pat Wenderoth
Multicultural: Affairs Vacant
Research: Mark Haselkorn
Student Affairs: Brian Fabien
Tri-campus Policy: Janet Primomo
Facilities and Services: William Rorabaugh
University Libraries: Charles Wilkinson
University Relations: Mary Ann Odegaard
Women in Academia: Sandra Silberstein
Planning & Budgeting: Dan Luchtel
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