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The Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) is governed by various documents in a hierarchical manner. Additionally, ASUW entities are entitled to create their own bylaws, subject to the limitations set forth within the ASUW Constitution and Bylaws,

ASUW Constitution

The ASUW Constitution is second only to the Articles of Incorporation as a governing document controlled by the ASUW. Amendments to the ASUW Constitution must be approved by a vote of ASUW members, such as the yearly ASUW General Election.

ASUW Bylaws

The ASUW Bylaws are controlled by the ASUW Board of Directors and govern the entirety of the ASUW. The Bylaws contain, or should contain, information pertinent to all entities of the ASUW.

Hierarchy of Governing Documents

The following is an ordered hierarchy of documents binding upon the ASUW. Those listed toward the top carry greater precedence than those listed below.

  1. State and Federal Regulations
  2. ASUW Articles of Incorporation
  3. ASUW Constitution
  4. ASUW Bylaws
  5. ASUW Entity Bylaws (entity specific)


As a general rule, where two clauses appear to be in conflict they should first be interpreted in a manner as to make them consistent with one another. Where this is not possible, the clause from a document carrying greater precedence should be binding. If the conflicting clauses come from the same should be binding.

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