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The Student Senate was founded during the summer of 1994 from the foundations of its predecessor, known as the Student Assembly, which was formed in the 1980's. During the Spring 1994 elections, the student body passed by majority vote constitutional reforms proposed by the soon-to-be 1994-95 ASUW President Phil Neiswender. These reforms were in part aimed at making the ASUW a more democratic body by decentralizing power throughout the organization and away from the corporate directors (BOD). The Student Senate was one ramification of those reforms.

The Senate was built with a diverse membership in mind to ensure that groups throughout campus would be aware of the ASUW's activities, and that the ASUW would be aware of issues affecting students. Its membership includes representatives from the Greek and Multi-Greek systems, residence halls, ASUW commissions, commuter students, and various academic departments, among others. There are also at-large members, the ASUW President's proxy, and liaisons from the Board of Directors.

Any student registered as a member of the ASUW, though not able to vote, may submit legislation or speak on any issue during the public forum segment of the Student Senate meetings.

The Student Senate is the primary link between the leaders of the ASUW and its members, and is looked to by faculty and administrators alike as the voice of the student body.

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