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The ASUW includes every student in one of three living groups: students who live in the residence halls, students who live in the Greek community, and students who commute to school. These living groups are mutually exclusive, therefore each student falls into only one living group.

Residence Halls

The University of Washington has seven residence halls which in total house about 5,000 students. All students who live in the residence halls are represented by the Residence Hall Student Association (RHSA). The RHSA is given a total of 45 seats in the Student Senate.


According to ASUW documents, the Greek community is comprised by all students represented by the Interfraternity Council (IFC) which oversees the majority of fraternities at UW and the Panhellenic Association (PanHell) which oversees most sororities. These two organizations are frequently referenced together. The Greek community represents about 5,000 students at UW. IFC and PanHell together are alloted a total of 45 seats in the Student Senate.

Commuter Students

ASUW defines commuters as all students not included in the previous two living groups. These include students who live across the street from campus in an apartment, students who take the bus from a nearby Seattle neighborhood, and students who commute from all over the Puget Sound region alike. This group of students comprises the remaining 30,000 members of the student body. Commuter students are awarded 56 seats in the Student Senate and were also given a seat on the Student Regent Selection Committee in 2008 with the passage of senate bill SB-14-1[1].

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