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Office Hours

The OGR Director executes the Legislative Agenda after it has been fully vetted by the ASUW process (see Office of Government Relations article for a detailed description of the process). Starting in January of each year, the Director moves to Olympia in order to execute the agenda during the legislative session. The State Constitution provides for one 105-day regular session during odd-numbered years and one 60-day regular session during even-numbered years each biennium.

Office of Government Relations Director Job Description

Title: Office of Government Relations Director

Category: ASUW Services

Terms: 39 Weeks

Hours: 39 HRS/WK (in Session)

20 HRS/WK (Fall Quarter)
17 HRS/WK (Spring Quarter)

Job Summary

The Director of Government Relations researches legislative issues of relevance to the students of the University of Washington and communicates the findings of this research to the local government, the Washington State Legislature, and the United States Congress for the purpose of advocating in the interest of the ASUW. The Director will work to coordinate the ASUW lobbying efforts and student involvement in Seattle, Olympia, and Washington D.C., coinciding with state, UW (Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma), Washington Student Lobby, where the agendas agree, and ASUW guidelines. The Director will spend Winter quarter living in Olympia and coordinating ASUW lobbying efforts.

Job Description

1. Conduct and coordinate ASUW lobbying activities and functions, in accordance with the ASUW legislative agenda, and as directed by the Board of Directors.

2. Research and prepare a comprehensive report on legislative issues by the middle of autumn quarter.

3. Present relevant items to the Legislature by testifying at committee hearings and by meeting with Legislators individually.

4. Coordinate with student associations at other state universities on legislative issues.

5. Maintain and inform ASUW Personnel Director and Student Activities Office (SAO) of office hours when the Legislature is not in session.

6. Be familiar with and adhere to all state, University of Washington, and ASUW Policies.

7. Attend Legislative Steering Committee meetings. If attendance is not possible, Director must submit a written report of his/her weekly activities.

8. Coordinate with and provide instructions to the Assistant Director of Government Relations.

9. Provide reports to the Legislative Coordinator at least weekly regarding activities in Olympia and elsewhere, status of relevant legislation, and other pertinent information.

10. Obtain a contract for session-long apartment rental and present it to the Finance & Budget Committee before the end of autumn quarter.

11. Submit lobbying reports to the legislative coordinator at the end of each month stating: date, time, legislator contacted, and issue discussed.

12. Each week prepared a written report to the Board of Directors (BOD) Liaison containing a status report of all bills dealing with higher education, a committee meeting schedule for the following week, an update of bills the ASUW is tracking, a synopsis of meetings including date, time, legislator contacted, and issue discussed, and a copy of all bills and/or reports which were filed during the week.

13. Meet with relevant parties prior to the session to evaluate relevant student concerns.

14. Coordinate the testimony given at committee hearing by ASUW.

15. Be responsible for the preparation of supporting documentation and fact sheets for legislators and staff during the session.

16. Assist in the coordination of Olympia events including ASUW lobbying during the session.

17. Attend the Higher Education Commission Board (HECB) meetings, as time allows, and be familiar with HECB policy.

18. Be familiar with agendas to be introduced by the other interest groups and state agencies regarding Higher Education prior to the session.

19. Attend Washington Student Lobby (WSL) State Board meetings as an ex-officio member.

20. Attend meetings with Student Activities Office (SAO) advisor upon request.

21. Prepare and submit quarterly reports, detailing activities, budget status and problems/suggestions.

22. Sit on interviews set by ASUW Personnel Committee for hiring of OGR positions (if not reapplying) to assure continuity.

23. Prepare and submit annual budget according to guidelines established by the ASUW Finance & Budget Committee.

24. Participate in quarterly evaluation process with SAO advisor.

25. Review and adhere to conditions of employment as stated in Student Employment Handbooks, ASUW Personnel Policy and signed ASUW Memorandum of Understanding.

26. Maintain weekly contact (either through e-mail or other sources) with the Board of Directors liaison/ASUW President or his/her designee throughout the school year to discuss current state issues, and report on progress.

27. Attend meetings set up by the President to strategically plan, along with the Board of Directors Liaison and OGR Executive Assistant, for the legislative session.

28. Speak at the Board of Directors and at Student Senate at least one time during the legislative session and more times as requested by the Board of Directors or Student Senate.

29. Coordinate with the UW Administration on legislative issues where the agendas agree.


1. Understanding of state legislative process and structure.

2. Understanding of state Higher Education structure and relevant issues.

3. Availability to live in Olympia on a full-time basis during the legislative session.

4. Experience with the state legislative process preferred.

5. Strong writing and speaking skills.

6. Strong interpersonal skills.

7. Must be a UW student enrolled in at least 6 credits for undergraduates, 4 for graduates or on leave as defined by Executive Order 50.

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