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Pacific Islander Student Commission Purpose and Mission Statement

The Pacific Islander Student Commission exists to advocate for the needs and to educate and bring awareness to the concerns and issues of the Pacific Islander community on and off campus. The commission strives to foster community, solidarity and leadership while also being active in the outreach, recruitment and retention of Pacific Islander students.
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About Pacific Islander Student Commission

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Alii! Talofa! Bula! Yokwe! Malo'elelei! Mogethin! Iaorana! Kia'ora! Aloha! Hafa'adai! Ka'oha! Raan Anim! Hello to all!

In advocacy of pursuit of higher education, cultural awareness and community empowerment!

The Pacific Islander Student Commission was started in the late 1990’s, when Pacific Islander students at the University of Washington started a movement to create a new ASUW commission that would serve a growing Pacific Islander student population. The students from Fiji, Guam, Hawai'i, New Zealand, Samoa and the Philippines felt that the existing Asian Student Commission did not address the needs of their cultures and sought to identify ways in which a new commission would provide greater support for their communities. Then on March 9th, 2000, the ASUW Board of Directors passed BOD BILL #002, which created the Pacific Islander Student Commission.

The Pacific Islander Student Commission is made up of Filipino American Student Association (FASA), Hui Hoaloha 'Ulana Club (HUI), Micronesian Islands Club (MIC), and the Polynesian Student Alliance (PSA).

Contact Information

PISC Director: Taylor Ahana-Jamile

Advisor: Jennifer Pope

Office: HUB 131D

Phone: 206.221.6318


Facebook: ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission

Twitter: ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission

PISC Constituents/Links

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