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Official Request for Review Form

ASUW Bylaws Regarding Request for Review

A “Request for Review” is the official form that must be completed in order to request Judicial Committee action. The form, to be designed by the Judicial Committee and approved by the BOD, must include the following information:
1. Submitter’s name;
2. Submitter’s student number (to verify student status.);
3. Appropriate reference number of legislation, if applicable (Board of Directors Bill number, location in the ASUW Constitution or Bylaws where the violation is said to occur, or sections of the Constitution or Bylaws that submitter would like the Judicial Committee to review.);
4. Purpose of legislation or an explanation of the request (A brief summary of the intent of the legislation in question or a description of the question being asked of the Judicial Committee.); and
5. Justification for review (i.e. specific references to where the ASUW has violated its governing laws or policies; an in-depth description of the action, or an explanation of why the submitter believes there is a need for Judicial Review of the matter in question.)
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