Student Senate Committees Prior to Session XVI

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The passage of [OA-15-1] as recommended by the Senate Summer Review Committee during Session XV changed the Student Senate committee system. The following is the list of standing committees prior to Session XVI, when the changes took effect:

Steering: The Senate Steering Committee governs Senate, sets the agenda and discusses all Organic Acts, as well as refers all other legislation to the proper place. It consists of all other Committee Chairs and Senate Officers, and is Chaired by the Senate Chair. Session XIV Chair: Shawn Fisher

Academic Affairs: The Academic Affairs Committee considers issues pertaining to the academic life of students as well as faculty-related issues. Some issues addressed in the past include curriculum changes, implementation of a minors program, and the importance of instructor evaluations. In the past (when the Senate was the Assembly), this committee took an active role in the discussion of the Cultural and Ethnic Diversity requirement and other proposals that were brought before the Faculty Senate. Session XIV Chair: Ariane Barr

Campus Affairs: Campus Affairs is charged with looking at the issues that affect students that aren't related to academics or legislation. This includes the insurance and housing policies, the food services and special services around campus. Session XIV Chair: Holly Jones

Off-Campus Affairs: Off-Campus Affairs is charged with looking at the issues that affect students off-campus. Session XV Chair: Neil Rotta

Membership: The Membership Committee deals with all membership-related issues in the Senate. This includes informing Senators of meeting times, recruiting new members and student groups into the Senate, and conducting new member orientations. Session XIV Chair: Jon Solomon

Faculty and Administrative Affairs: This Committee is responsible for looking into the issues on campus that deal directly with the faculty or administration that are not related to curriculum or quality of life issues. This committee may deal with fees, tuition, and administrative policies on equality and discrimination. Session XIV Chair: David Kim

General Affairs: The General Affairs committee has the task of addressing issues or projects that do not readily fit into the framework of the other committees, but still represent the concerns of the Senate. This committee may explore topics and projects from a very wide subject matter. The main purpose of this committee is to work on the issues of concern that would otherwise not be examined within the Senate committees. Session XIV Chair: Jono Hanks

Publicity and Outreach: The Publicity and Outreach committee has the task of promoting senate, senate forums and other senate events as well as reaching out to the student body. Session XIV Chair: Drew Blincow

Senate Reform

The findings of the Senate Reform Taskforce, when presented on the 2005 ballot, were passed with 56.12% of the vote. This was followed by a vote in 2006 to enable the Senate to propose Constitutional Referenda.

On Tuesday, March 6th, 2007, a similar, but internal body (as opposed to a taskforce) was created by OA-13-9 The Senate Reform Committee. The report was summarized on May 29, 2007 to Senate.

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