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Tyler J. Dockins was the successful candidate for President in the 2007 ASUW Election.

His platform follows:

As President of the Associated Students of the University of Washington, I will tirelessly and passionately represent students’ needs, and ensure that ASUW provides meaningful services and opportunities for ALL students.


Emphasizing Relevance to Students

  • Ensure that the ASUW remains relevant to students by creating opportunities for hired and elected ASUW employees to actively work with other student organizations and programs
  • Create quarterly, community summits to bring more students at the University of Washington together to facilitate positive institutional transformation

Continuing to Strengthen the UW Community

  • Developed a strong marketing background through my work on various Arts & Entertainment events in the past, Homecoming and the Commuters Project (acquiring coffee without using student funds and providing it to commuter students)
  • Further promote a sense of belonging by maintaining an informative dialogue and a vigorous partnership between communities


  • Valuable legislative experience through previous position as Legislative Coordinator, organizing Lobby Day and enabling students to advocate on behalf of their interests through creating the 1st Annual Legislative Reception
  • Apply pressure on city and state officials for increased police presence and funding to protect our students – we must fight for better protection after the series of tragic events this year
  • Continue the fight for state legislature control and stress the dire need for increased state support for higher education
  • Empower student groups through involving a number of individuals and groups in the legislative process

Promoting the Advancement and Welfare of ALL UW Students

  • Build upon the Husky Pride Fund through acquiring more funds for student scholarships to allow a higher degree of engagement on campus
  • Guarantee the success and follow through of the newly created Husky Pride Foundation via the Husky Tee and the Change project, which will raise thousands of dollars toward student scholarships
  • Add the Husky Pride Fund as a donation option during class registration to raise significant funds for students who do not have the opportunity to have a truly amazing UW experience
  • Develop an effective alert system to improve campus communication in emergency situations
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