UW Leaders Quarterly Report Winter 2010

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Accomplishments We just got back from the biggest retreat in UW Leaders history. Twelve Mentors, two Program Directors, 38 Leaders, our BOD liasion and our advisor headed to Pack Forest for the weekend to learn more about how the program will run for the year and also more about each other.

Concerns Since we only had four Mentor meetings last quarter, this year's workshop programming has been later to develop than in the past. This week, we will have an additional training session for Mentors to help them learn more about how to develop workshops. After giving them some additional tools, we plan on giving more responsibilities to the Mentor team.

Future Goals This year, we are working to help put materials in place that can be used in future years to improve the program. We hope to create a curriculum for the year that is general enough to use for future years, build a database of projects that could be used for future Leadership Projects and also build a database of campus resources that could help facilitate workshops.

Advice This year, it was very helpful to ask for information from the Leaders when they were admitted into the program (such as dietary restrictions) which made work close to the winter retreat much easier. It is also important to look back through documents from past years instead of trying to recreate things. In planning the winter retreat, a document that outlined all the activities was very helpful in planning this year's winter retreat.


Maria Kleiber & Megan Stewart

UW Leaders Program Directors


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