2008 Controversy Over Proposed Ballot Measures

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Judicial Committee Judgment

The Board of Directors for the 107th Session referred two proposed ballot measures to the Judicial Committee as BOD Bills 1.09 and 1.10. The Judicial Committee submitted a unanimous judgment on April 30, 2008, which they then reaffirmed on May 7, 2008 that the proposed ballot measures were submitted past the deadline mandated by Article XIII, Section 2 of the ASUW Constitution and Article XIII, Section C of the ASUW Bylaws.

Elections Complaint

The Board of Directors overturned these judgments, resulting in an election complaint by President Tyler J. Dockins against members of the Board who voted to overturn the judgments. The Judicial Committee then ruled on the election complaint, choosing to refer it the the Attorney General and University Ombudsman, and their ruling was upheld by the Board. To date, no response has been received on this matter.

ASUW Members Involved

Students Submitting Request for Review

Judicial Committee Members

  • Alexandra Baumann, Secretary of Judgments
  • Ehsan Aleaziz
  • Mario Carbonell
  • Samantha Grone

Board of Directors Members Listed as Violators in President Tyler J. Dockins' Complaint

Board of Directors Members Listed as Witnesses in President Tyler J. Dockins' Complaint

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