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In order to generate a UWCA SSL Certificate follow the guide below.

  1. Go to http://certs.cac.washington.edu/.
  2. Click on Request a new certificate.
  3. Click I understand after making sure that you do, in fact, understand.
  4. Enter the domain name you wish to create a certificate for, Continue.
  5. Check the box for SSL Web server certificate and fill in the number of University users and external users.
  6. Fill in some details of why you need this certificate, what you plan on doing with it, etc. Continue.
  7. Click the button under Unix... labeled PEM method.
  8. Follow the procedure listed making sure to set the following values correctly.
    • Country Name: US
    • State or Province Name: Washington
    • Locality Name: Seattle
    • Organization: Associated Students of the University of Washington
    • Organizational Unit: Leave Blank
    • Common Name: The server address Example: www.asuw.org
    • Email Address: asuwtech@u.washington.edu
    • A challenge password: Leave Blank
    • An optional company name: Leave Blank
  9. Open the request file and copy the text, all the text including the lines with BEGIN/END CERTIFICATE REQUEST, into your clipboard.
  10. Paste that text back into the box on the website.
  11. Click Submit request.
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