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I'm not really sure what's supposed to be done with a Community Portal. You're guess is as good as mine. However, since I'm the one doing all this I'll put my ideas forward. If you have a better one please discuss it on the talk page. Please watch this page so we'll be able to have meaningful discussions and you can be included in the evolution of this site.

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MetaWiki: Help:Watching pages

I'm going to propose that this page be used as a sort of checklist, or to-do, for this wiki.

Instructions For Use

On this page can be listed things that you either want to get done yourself, or want to see get done but think that another can do a better job. If you see something that the wiki needs do not hesitate to include it on this page.

If you have an idea, but you're not sure if it is a good idea, and just want to bounce a possibility off of other people please use the talk page for that. Additionally, if you see an idea on here that you're not sure is a good idea, please move it to the talk page with information about why you think that idea warrents further discussion. If things are moved to the talk page with no reasoning do not be surprised if they suddenly end up back on this page. On the other side of the coin, do not get upset if you're idea ends up on the talk page. It's very possible that your idea just needs further explanation or clarification before its inclusion on this page.

Pages Needing Creation (Please remove from list after creation)

  1. Graduate & Professional Student Senate
  2. Ethnic Cultural Center
  3. Student Activities and Union Facilities
  4. Leadership, Community, and Values Initiative
  5. Student Policy Group
  6. Student Activities Office
  7. Institutional memory
  8. Commissions
  9. Living groups
  10. Graduate and Professional Student Senate Secretary
  11. Advisory Committee on Student Residences
  12. Advisory Committee on Work/Life Issues
  13. Architectural Commission
  14. Bio Diesel Taskforce
  15. Childcare/Student Parent Issues
  16. Committee on Corporate Repsonsibility
  17. Committee on Crime Prevention
  18. Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee
  19. Financial Education Taskforce
  20. Govenance Committee
  21. Institutional Animal Use and Care Committee
  22. Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects)
  23. Judicial Committee
  24. Legislative Planning Committee
  25. Medal of Honor Resolution Taskforce
  26. Policy Advisory Board for the office of Minority Affairs
  27. Radio Station Advisory Board
  28. Student Counseling Center Advisory Committee
  29. Student Records Committee
  30. Student Television Taskforce
  31. Teaching Awards Selection Committee
  32. University of Washington Committee on Accessibility
  33. Affordable Tuition Now
  34. Washington Student Lobby
  35. WSL Reform Movement
  36. Open Selection Process
  37. Executive Order 50
  38. Student Senate Liaisons
  39. Faculty Senate
  40. University of Washington President Mark Emmert
  41. Other pages listed in Special:Wantedpages

Pages Needing More Information

  1. Pages listed in Category:Stubs

Pages Needing to be Cleaned Up

  1. Pages listed in Category:Cleanup

Pages Needing a Rewrite

  1. Template:Cleanup - A template designed to mark pages that need cleanup by placing in Category:Cleanup. Perhaps different levels of cleanup like Wikipedia, although not nearly so many. See talk page for details.
  2. Template:Stub - A template designed to mark pages that are stubs by placing in Category:Stubs. See talk page for details.

General Housekeeping (Wikikeeping) Tasks

  1. Separate things into their own categories. Please discuss desired category lables on the talk page.
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