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TITLE: American Indian Student Commission Director

CATEGORY: Commission TERM: 34 Weeks HOURS: 19HRS/WK

American Indian Student Commission Director Job Description


Job Summary

The Director is responsible for the overall administration of the AISC, its budget, including coordination and implementation of its programs, and day-to-day activities. The Director is responsible to the Board of Directors as a representative of the Commission. The Director represents the interests of the Native American student issues, culture, and events.

Job Description

Staff Relations and Responsibilities:
1. Oversee the coordination, planning and implementation of all programs and activities

of the commission, including special events, workshops, lectures, discussion groups, etc.

2. Maintain a good working relationship with ASUW, its commissions, and other


3. According to guidelines established by the ASUW Finance and Budget Committee,

develop the annual budget for commission and submit for approval.

4. Abide by ASUW and UW policies, procedures and processes.
5. Establish and coordinate promotion and publicity necessary for effective


6. Attend Joint Commission Committee Meetings in order to foster better

communication, coalition, and coordination with other ASUW commissions.

7. Sit on interviews set by ASUW Personnel Committee for hiring of new Director (if

not reapplying) to ensure continuity.

8. Responsible for initiating a timely transition meeting with new Director.
9. Maintain and inform ASUW Personnel Director and Student Activities Office (SAO)

of all office hours.

10. Oversee the expenditures of the annual budget and keep financial records up to date.
11. Initiate all necessary paperwork for operating of the commission, according to

established procedures and timelines.

12. Prepare and submit quarterly reports, detailing activities, budget status, and


13. Update e-mail distribution lists as necessary.
14. Meet with SAO advisor upon request.
15. Meet with Director of Diversity Efforts upon request.
16. Attend the Advisory Council on Diversity and advise the ASUW President on issues

of diversity and commission status.

17. Maintain strong communication with the Office of Minority Affairs (OMA).
18. Participate in quarterly evaluation process with SAO advisor.
19. Attend mandatory training sessions including, but not limited to the ASUW Fall


20. Establish and attend 19 office hours a week, 4 of which are allowed to be held outside

the Husky Union Building with the prior approval of the ASUW Personnel Director in order to provide outreach to the commissions community. Advertisement must be given at both the Husky Union Building as well as the outreach location.

21. Maintain, organize and update office files and records.
22. Responsible for web-page upkeep through working with the ASUW Webmaster,

volunteers, or otherwise.

Constituency Relations and Responsibilities:
1. Act as representative and advocate the issues and concerns of Native American students

on campus and in the community.

2. Create and adapt programming so that it is appealing, relevant, and successfully drawing

membership from all portions of the Native American community.

3. Inform students of services available on campus including ASUW services and maintain

strong communication with all Native American constituents.

4. Serve as liaison to Native American organizations on campus and in the community.
5. Maintain awareness of graduate student organizations and needs.
6. Maintain awareness of resources available to new students.
7 Communicate effectively with constituents outside of RSOs.
8. Responsible for recruitment, supervision, and monitoring of volunteers to assist in

program development and implementation.

9. All reports given to the ASUW will be forwarded to Native American registered student


10. Review and adhere to conditions of employment as stated in Student Employment

Handbooks, ASUW Personnel Policy and signed ASUW Memorandum of Understanding.


1. Experience with and awareness of issues and concerns of Native American students on

campus and in the community.

2. Demonstrate administrative and supervisory ability
3. Ability to develop and adhere to a budget and maintain records.
4. Ability to communicate well with students, administrators, and faculty.
5. Awareness of campus and off-campus resources.
6. Publicity and promotional skills.
7. Ability to plan, coordinate, and implement cultural and educational programs/services.
8. Must be a UW student enrolled in at least 6 credits for undergraduates, 4 for graduates, or

on leave as defined by Executive Order 50.

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