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Changes in Position Title

The title for this position is now the ASUW Systems Administrator. It was previously known as the ASUW Computer Administrator, and prior to that it was known as the ASUW Computer Technician.

Systems Administrator Job Description

(Last Updated: 03/14/14)

TITLE: ASUW Systems Administrator

CATEGORY: Office of Communications

TERM: 31 Weeks

HOURS: 10 Hours/Week


The ASUW Systems Administrator is responsible for upkeep and troubleshooting of the ASUW’s computer hardware and software, configuring serve settings and the development of internal tools, including, but not limited to, the office hours website, jobs website, volunteer website and MyASUW. The System Administrator seeks to ensure that the uptime, performance, resources, and security of ASUW computers and software.


1. Develop internal tools including, but not limited to, the office hours website, jobs website, volunteer website, and MyASUW.

2. Configure server settings with external hosting services.

3. Install new ASUW computer hardware and software.

4. Troubleshoot and correct software and hardware problems with ASUW computers (both PC and Macintosh).

5. Assess hardware and software needs, and suggest additional purchases as necessary.

6. Work with the Webmasters to develop back end code as necessary.

7. Arrange servicing through the Board of Directors and Student Activities Office (SAO) for those problems that cannot be solved without outside assistance.

8. Report to and carry out tasks and projects assigned and prioritized by the Communications Director.

9. Assist the Personnel Director with posting of employee office hours and job openings.

10. Maintain and inform the ASUW Personnel Director and the Student Activities Office (SAO) adviser of all completed and missed office hours, including any absences due to sickness, personal emergencies or work-related trips.

11. Meet with SAO adviser as needed and upon request, as well as participating in a quarterly evaluation process.

12. Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions and staff meetings, including but not limited to the ASUW Fall Orientation and ASUW Personnel meetings.

13. Review and adhere to conditions of employment as stated in the ASUW Personnel Policy, the signed ASUW Memorandum of Understanding and the Student Employment Handbooks. All actions must also follow the laws and procedures set by ASUW, SAO and the State of Washington.

14. Responsible for initiating a thorough transition with newly hired successor before finals week of Spring Quarter to ensure continuity. Prepared documents, such as a transition binder/folder, are recommended.


1. Extensive knowledge of Linux/Unix based software/shell.

2. Ability to solve intermediate computer problems without assistance.

3. Strong computer programming skills.

4. Knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Apache, Windows Domains, SSH, and other general Linux based server upkeep.

5. Must be very trustworthy individual capable of working with confidential information.

6. Effective communication skills.

7. Ability to develop and adhere to deadlines.

8. Must be a UW student enrolled in at least 6 undergraduate or 4 graduate credits or on leave as defined by Executive Order 50.

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