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Conor McLean is serving as the President for the 111th Session of the ASUW. McLean, who led the Huskies United ticket in the 2011 ASUW Elections, was the Finance & Budget Director during the 109th session, and served as a chair of the Student Activities Fee committee this past year. McLean was previously on the Executive Board of the RHSA and has worked with First Year Programs as a FIG Leader and Orientation Leader.


Community. Unite a fractured campus.

  • Build connections with Residence Hall Student Association (RHSA), Greek Community, and Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC) leadership to ensure ASUW is addressing the needs of all communities on campus.
  • Work with RHSA to make sure ASUW has a presence on West Campus with the addition of two new Residence Halls.
  • Partner with the Office of Student Life and Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity to identify new locations for communities on campus.
  • Hold joint-leadership trainings to bring leadership and communities together.

Advocacy. Ensure students can afford the rising cost of education.

  • Unify the student body across campus to ensure our voice is heard in Olympia as students continue to struggle with the rising cost of tuition.
  • Increase the voice of marginalized and underrepresented students who are left out and often most impacted by rising costs and funding cuts.
  • Work with administration and legislators to guarantee any tuition increases are affordable and predictable for students while maintaining a high quality of education.
  • Fight for financial aid increases to help offset rising tuition costs, so students aren’t left behind.
  • Insist student fees are allocated based on student needs.

Engagement. Promote ASUW and expand the services we provide.

  • Ensure ASUW remains financially sustainable and accountable to students.
  • Create “State of the University” videos so students can see and hear what is affecting their education.
  • Strengthen connections with First Year Programs to educate incoming freshmen and transfer students about how ASUW can serve them.
  • Increase financial support to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), to make up for increasingly scarce campus resources.
  • Begin outreach presentations to the Residence Halls, Greek Community, and RSOs to better promote ASUW.
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