Cullen White, ASUW President 2006-2007

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(Areas for Improvement)
(Committee Work)
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*Public Exercises Committee
*Public Exercises Committee
*Use of University Facilities Committee
*Use of University Facilities Committee
*Husky Stadium Work Group
=Student Conduct Code=
=Student Conduct Code=

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Successes and Areas for Improvement


  • Conduct Code
  • Medal of Honor Memorial Taskforce
  • Textbook Price Disclosure Bill
  • American Sign Language
  • Homecoming
  • Lupe Fiasco
  • The Reformation of the Student Advisory Board (SAB)
  • Husky Pride Fund

Areas for Improvement

Committee Work

ASUW Committees

  • ASUW Board of Directors
  • ASUW Student Senate Steering Committee
  • ASUW Legislative Steering Committee (LSC)
  • ASUW LSC Resolution Conference
    • Did not meet during 06-07 school year
  • Medal of Honor Memorial Taskforce
  • Off-Campus Housing Affairs Reform Taskforce
  • Student Regent Selection Committee
    • Rotate as Chair with GPSS on odd years
  • Washington Student Lobby

University Committees

  • Board of Regents
  • Faculty Senate Committee on Planning and Budgeting
  • Faculty Senate Executive Committee
  • University Budget Committee
    • Typically begins meeting during Winter quarter, Wednesdays at 2pm
  • Global Citizens Taskforce
    • Ends in Spring of 07
  • Student Services and Resources Committee
    • Ends in Spring of 07
  • Colleges and Schools Organization Committee
    • Ended Summer of 06
  • Student Conduct Code Workgroup
    • Ended Winter of 07
  • UW Tower Advisory Committee
  • Public Exercises Committee
  • Use of University Facilities Committee
  • Husky Stadium Work Group

Student Conduct Code

OCHA Reform Taskforce

Medal of Honor Taskforce

Husky Pride Fund

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