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Desiree Hanssen is serving as the Director of Community Relations for the 111th Session of the ASUW. Hanssen, who ran with the Huskies United ticket in the 2011 ASUW Elections, is a member of the Delta Zeta sorority at the UW. Hanssen was previously the chair of the Oversight Committee of the Student Senate and has also worked closely with the Office of Government Relations' Bark Against Budget Cuts campaign.


Connect and make strong relationships with all entities of ASUW

  • Understand and communicate the needs and desires of different communities on Campus to ASUW.
  • Meet frequently with leaders in each entity to establish relationships with the ASUW.
  • Work with the Director of Diversity Efforts to connect the ASUW and campus to the ECC, taking advantage of the fact that we will be sharing Condon together.

Inform the Student Body about their resources on Campus and communicate information to the necessary body

  • Because the HUB is under construction, I will make informing students about resources available to them such as the resource center, Condon, and other on and off-campus resources a priority.
  • Reach out to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and explain to them the availability of the Special Appropriations budget which is a significant financial resource for RSOs
  • I will work alongside Director of Communications Sabrina Squires to connect to all communities on campus through The Daily, on and off-campus advertisements, as well as local new sources.

Create a strong Committee on Student safety and establish a beneficial working relationship with the University of Washington Police Department.

  • Continually conduct safety audits on campus and surrounding areas.
  • Combine forces with Director of Programming and Green Dot to put on a program educating students about crime prevention at the UW.

Recreate caucuses starting with Senate to promote community on campus.

  • I will establish strong caucuses within Senate to reach out to the whole campus community.
  • I will help to establish and advertise a “commuter commons” dedicated to commuters so that they have a designated area to relax between classes and a place to found relationships with other commuters and with Registered Student Organizations.
  • Address the issue of getting commuters involved in campus during orientation and following up in the future.
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