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Office Hours


Job Description

See ASUW Constitution and ASUW Bylaws.

In the 110th session the Board of Directors reorganized the board of directors duties and positions. As a result, the duties of the Director of Organizational relations have shifted to other board members and the position is replaced with the Director of Communications

Associated Students of the University of Washington Director of Communications

Sabrina Squires 111th Session

Goals for 2011-2012 Engagement. Publicize ASUW in new and innovative ways.

  • I will produce monthly videos for to inform students on ASUW’s news, events, and opportunities.
  • I will connect the campus community to ASUW and all its entities through facebook, twitter, and other blogging sites.
  • I will meet with groups on campus to inform them on what ASUW is doing and learn what they want from ASUW.
  • I will develop specialized messages to specific communities on campus.
  • I will standardize the ASUW logo and branding to make the ASUW more visible.

Community. Help the campus community publicize its activities outside of campus.

  • I will work alongside Director of Community Relations Desiree Hanssen to inform groups of ways ASUW can help them publicize by holding monthly meetings.
  • I will establish a strong relationship with The Daily in order to better publicize different UW community events and news.
  • I will constantly inform local news sources, including KING 5, KOMO 4, KIRO 7, and the Seattle Times, of the activities of UW students and groups.

Advocacy. Strengthen advocacy through publicity both on and off campus.

  • I will work with the Board of Directors and the Office of Governmental Relations to keep students up to date on higher education developments in Olympia.
  • I will publicize higher education advocacy opportunities, such as lobbying days and Bark Against Budget Cuts, to students to draw more students to these campaigns.
  • I will communicate with campus and local media to publicize the efforts of UW students advocating for higher education.

Associated Students of the University of Washington Director of Organizational Relations

Jonathan Yan 110th Session

Goals for 2010-2011

Improvement of Current Enterprises

  • Improve the efficiency of ASUW enterprises by implementing new and enhancing existing financial systems (Budgeting Plans, Profit & Loss and Risk & Analysis)
  • Further relationships with clubs and honor societies in the field of business to help ASUW entities face the challenge of HUB remodeling
  • Fight to acquire a high definition radio signal and build a larger audience for Rainy Dawg Radio
  • Work to ensure adequate funding of student organizations and enterprises

Increasing Accessibility

  • Establish greater visibility of ASUW enterprises on campus through effective marketing and public outreach
  • Increase awareness and ease the temporary transition of the enterprises to Condon Hall during HUB remodeling
  • Utilize new technological channels (social networking, buzz marketing) to foster a stronger customer relationship

Maggie Bennett 109th Session

Goals for 2009-2010

  • Audit and evaluate ASUW enterprises and hold them to the highest accountability by spending the summer reviewing the entities' financial and performance histories and working with their leadership to determine strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth or expansion.
  • Coordinate with relevant board members to provide and facilitate open and effective communication between ASUW entities.
  • Ensure that ASUW funds are being allocated appropriately and with the best interests of students in mind by tracking the performances of the ASUW entities and engaging with their leadership.
  • Increase visibility and accessibility of ASUW enterprises in order to best serve all students through effective publicity and outreach.
  • Help the ASUW entities begin to act like businesses, operating with long-term goals, budget plans and revenue forecasts.

Delineated Duties




Director of Organizational Relations, who shall:

a. Act as Board of Directors Liaison to Off-Campus Housing Affairs, the Experimental College, the Bike Shop, and RainyDawg Radio;
b. Serve as a member of the Finance and Budget Committee;
c. Serve as a member of the Personnel Committee;
d. Maintain the integrity of the Finance and Budget Committee and Personnel Committee on behalf of the voting membership of the Board of Directors;
e. Act as a liaison between the Finance and Budget Committee and the Personnel Committee;
f. Serve as a member of the Student Technology Fee Committee;
g. Perform all necessary oversight of the Association’s enterprises;
h. Meet regularly with the Personnel Director;
i. Work with the Webmaster and Computer Technician to ensure all website and technological needs of the association are met and in a timely manner;
j. Complete all other related tasks involving the Association not delineated in these Bylaws and as assigned by the ASUW President.

Current and Past Directors

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