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=109th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Director of Diversity Efforts=
=109th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Director of Diversity Efforts=
===Dalia Amin===
===[[Dalia Amin]]===
'''Goals for 2009-2010'''
'''Goals for 2009-2010'''

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Office Hours


Job Description

The main job of the Director of Diversity Efforts is to oversee the eight Diversity Commissions and make sure that all diversity programming is being planned accordingly. This position is also the chair of the Joint Commissions Committee which is a committee made up of the eight commission directors, a GPSS representative and an ASUW Student Senate liaison. The Director of Diversity Efforts position works very closely with the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity Student Advisory Board (SAB) and holds a seat on the SAB steering committee. The Director of Diversity efforts is also instrumental in facilitating difficult conversations that center around social issues such as race, gender, sexuality, and ability in a safe, non-threatening manner, which allows for learning and education. In all, the Director of Diversity Efforts ensures that issues of diversity and accessibility are at the forefront of the association.

109th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Director of Diversity Efforts

Dalia Amin

Goals for 2009-2010

  • Work with the ASUW commissions to create a new community gateway program for diversity efforts on campus.
  • Encourage broad participation in diversity affairs by supporting university efforts to recruit and retain a diverse student body, recommending retention activities, and working with the academic deans on retention strategies.
  • Develop sustainable partnerships with community organizations, and government agencies to create programs that provide networking and communication avenues for student recruitment and collaborations in support of diversity.
  • Communicate effectively with the ASUW Vice President to recruit diverse individuals for ASUW volunteer positions.
  • Host commission forums to discuss and propel student involvement in various projects on campus.
  • Develop innovative student and employee activities that promote diversity. Plan and direct a Diversity Fair to celebrate and explore one of UW’s most beautiful aspects of diversity.

Delineated Duties




The Director of Diversity Efforts, who shall:

a. Coordinate all diversity programming;
b. Oversee all ASUW Commissions;
c. Chair weekly Joint Commissions Committee (JCC) meetings;
d. Manage the Joint Commissions Committee budget and maintain records of all transactions;
e. Serve as a member of the OMA/D Student Advisory Board;
f. Serve as a member of the Faculty Council on Multi-Cultural Affairs;
g. Serve as a member of the University Diversity Council;
h. Serve as a member to the Women of Academia Faculty Council.
i. Serve as the ASUW representative to the Tri-Campus community.
j. Assist Board members in obtaining quarterly reports from commissions.
g. Act as the Board Liaison to the Office of Minority Affairs, Ethnic Cultural Center, Q Center, and Women’s Center;
h. Coordinate with the Vice President and Personnel Director to recruit diverse applicant pools for volunteer and paid appointments;
i. Complete all other related tasks involving the Association not delineated in the Bylaws and as assigned by the ASUW President.

Current and Past Directors

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