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Homecoming 2006

Homecoming has always been a challenge within the last few years because of limited resources to the ASUW. With the 2006-2007 school year the Director of Programming had no existing budget for general Homecoming activities. Thus, co-sponsors had to be aggressively pursued. Often times, this includes RHSA, IFC, Panhellenic, HFS, ASUW A&E, OMA, OVPSL, the Daily and primarily the UW Alumni Association. Depending on the year, co-sponsors may differ. Ultimately, it is important to stress that the process begins early and that the communication is clear between all involved parties. The best situation may be to have each organization focus on one or two aspects/events of Homecoming and focus on doing them well. Delegation and simplicity is the key.

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials are imperative in all advertising efforts for the Homecoming festivities. In the 2006-2007 Homecoming, the ASUW, RHSA, IFC and Panhellenic organizations all came together with the UW Alumni Association to conceptualize the images that would be used for Homecoming. It was agreed upon by a majority of the parties that we wanted to capture the spirit of a traditional homecoming that usually rallied around football, but it was also stressed that we should stay away from a Homecoming that solely centered on the football team. The final images incorporated the collegiate and scholastic nature of the University of Washington. We felt that we have had a number of major academic achievements and we wanted to showcase that. The images can be found below.


Homecoming Dawgsled Competition

The overall goal of the Homecoming Dawgsled Competition was to incorporate some activity that helped build a sense of community on the UW campus, while ensuring that there was more widescale participation across different groups on campus. Traditionally within the past few years, the ASUW has experienced the organization of competive events between the IFC/Panhellenic organizations and the RHSA, or other forms of class competitions.

The concept of the event was that the ASUW would organize a 'mini-float' competition among Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) where each of the competing organizations would have the opportunity to win a given prize dedicated to event/organization support. ASUW was able to obtain various prizes from a number of organizations, which include:

  • $2,000 grand prize given by the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life
  • $500 prize for RSO Spirit given by the Office of Minority Affairs
  • 1 Full-page, color Daily advertisement for Design given by The Daily
  • Chipotle Burritos for up to 25 people for Husky Spirit given by the UW Alumni Association
  • Bellaccino and pizza party for Creativity given by Tullys

Additionally, the ASUW experienced an extensive financial crunch in the 2006-2007 school year. With limited use of funds and no official Homecoming line-item, ASUW needed to be a little creative in acquire funds for such an events which resulted in the prizes previously listed. The ASUW felt that it was necessary to have such a large grand prize in order to compel organization to have a certain amount of buy-in with the event and have enough participation to make it successful. Additionally, the other prizes were need in order to effectively honor all efforts because many other organizations would indefinitely make some amazing floats. In the end, all prizes were oriented to help each RSO in some fashion, whether it was some financial contribution towards event support, or prizes that could be used to build more community and excitement within the RSO.

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