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Hey everybody!

My name is Mike Snowden, this year's ASUW Director of Programming.

I'm going to start off my just saying congratulations for taking the step to check out what I do and what YOU could be doing! Given the rest of board does its fair share of networking and community rounds, I really like my job. I get to work extensively with as many of the Registered Student Organizations as my big, giant heart of awesomeness sees fit. But really, I love it. I work with RSOs to put on programs that benefit not only their club or group, but on multiple occasions, the campus at large. The job position really fits with anyone desiring a business-y major, such like marketing, business, or even Economics. Not saying anyone else would be great, because what this job takes is a lot of creativity and desire to really get things out there. I love it, and it is really a great position to be associated with.

As a head's up, you probably have already noticed my vernacular to be kind of "out of the ordinary" with what you might consider to be a professional language- and that's just who I am. I speak in a very "as-my-self" kind of talk, where you won't really notice the difference between talking to me and reading anything I write. I find it to be more personable at times, especially in my blog (as you'll notice is linked at the bottom of the WIKI). For example, in a sentence or two, you will read me catching on to something I have done a lot in the last couple of paragraphs. Like "wow, haha, notice how many times I said 'notice' in that last paragraph?" Cause really, I did just say it a lot..or at least felt like I did.

But I digress.

This is me, Mike Snowden, Director of Programming. I enjoy my job and in this WIKI, I am going to break down for you my projects through the year, the hits, the misses, and the things that I now or think should be done better in the future.


To visit Mike's Blog go to:

Job Description

Delineated Duties




Exerpt from ASUW Bylaws Article I Section 5, (C) 5

The Director of Programming shall:

a. Chair the Arts and Entertainment Committee;

b. Chair the Publicity and Programming Committee;

c. Assist the Director of Diversity Efforts in diversity programming;

d. Coordinate all general programming, and act as the Board liaison to Arts and Entertainment, the Committee Organizing Rape Education (CORE), and act as liaison to the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Awareness Committee;

e. Complete all other related tasks involving the Association not delineated in the Bylaws and as assigned by the ASUW President, with review from the Board of Directors

Current and Past Directors

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