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Delineated Duties




The Director of University Affairs, who shall:

a. Serve as a member of the Board of Directors and attend all regularly scheduled Board of Directors meetings or special Board of Directors meetings unless officially excused by the President or Personnel Director;
b. Attend all general meetings of the Faculty Senate;
c. Serve as an ASUW Representative to the Faculty Councils on Academic Standards, Teaching and Learning, and Student Affairs, and any other Faculty Councils deemed essential by the President and the Board of Directors;
d. Serve on the Universal Student U-Pass Advisory Board;
e. Serve as an ASUW representative to the Committee on Academic Conduct and other University committees related to faculty, administrative and academic affairs that are deemed essential by the President or Board of Directors;
f. Nominate volunteers to serve as ASUW representatives on the remaining Faculty Councils by using the ASUW Open Selection Process, beginning with the Faculty Council on Tri-Campus Policy;
g. Nominate volunteers to serve as ASUW representatives on the remaining relevant Academic University Committees by using the Open Selection Process;
h. Communicate regularly with ASUW representatives on Faculty Councils and relevant University Committees;
i. Compile quarterly reports from all ASUW representatives on University Committees;
j. Serve as an ASUW liaison to ASUW representatives on University Committees, and inform said representatives of all ASUW policies, resolutions, and stances relevant to their committees;
k. Assemble the Governance Committee by the end of Autumn Quarter, making appointments for, at minimum, the ASUW representatives on the following committees:
1. Provosts’ Advisory Committee for Students;
2. All College or Dean Student Advisory Councils;
3. Faculty Council on Benefits and Retirement;
4. Faculty Council on University Facilities and Services;
5. Faculty Council on Tri-Campus Policy;
6. Faculty Council on University Libraries;
7. Faculty Council on Research; and
8. Faculty Council on Faculty Affairs.
l. Serve as a Board of Directors liaison to the Office of Government Relations;
m. Serve as a member of the Senate Steering Committee with vote;
n. Work with Student Senate representatives to ensure that appropriate actions are being taken to follow through on Senate resolutions related to faculty, administrative and academic affairs;
o. Serve as a Board of Directors liaison to the Legislative Steering Committee and Resolution Conference with vote;
p. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students;
q. Coordinate regularly with the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, especially the Graduate and Professional Student Senate University Affairs Director, on University-wide budgeting, academic, and administrative issues;
r. Meet quarterly with the Personnel Director;
s. Work with liaison entities to develop goals and strategies for the year to develop a set of specific benchmarks and metrics to measure their successes, and report to the Board of Directors on programs’ levels of progress in achieving these benchmarks;
t. Work with the Personnel Director to resolve conflicts and job description issues with liaison employees. If needed, work with them to recommend necessary sanctions or other corrective action according to the ASUW Personnel Policy;
u. Meet with Student Activities Office adviser as needed and upon request, and participate in a quarterly evaluation process;
v. Submit Quarterly Reports as assigned by the Director of Policy and Procedures and Personnel Director;
w. Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions and staff meetings, including, but not limited to, the ASUW Autumn Orientation and ASUW Personnel meetings; and
x. Complete a transition binder to be submitted to the Personnel Director by the end of Spring Quarter.

Current and Past Directors

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