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Ehsan Aleaziz was Director of Operations for the 109th Session. He previously served as Student Senate Liaison to the Judicial Committee, Commuter Senator, and RHSA Senator.


Director of Operations

Goals for 2009-2010 (Written May, 2009)


  • Expand the role of the Judicial Committee to proactively investigate and regulate the ASUW.
  • Strengthen checks and balances by empowering the Student Senate and the Judicial Committee.


  • Make operational details accessible by continuing work on the ASUW Wiki and including governing documents and ASUW history.
  • Work with all ASUW employees and volunteers to keep the student body constantly informed of the actions of the ASUW.


  • Make student lobbying efforts more coordinated and interactive to make sure our voices are heard in Olympia.
  • Fight for affordable tuition and state funding sufficient to maintain an excellent academic and campus experience at the UW.
  • Maximize efficiency, and ensure that your money is being spent on effective programs.

Fall Quarter

Spearheaded the creation of the [Political Action Network].

See Also: [Fall Quarterly Report]

Student Senator

Legislation Sponsored

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