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Evan Smith is serving as the President for the 112th Session of the ASUW. Smith, who ran with The Huskies Impact in the 2012 ASUW Elections, was previously the chair of the UW chapter of the Washington Student Association, the Director of University Affairs and served two terms in the Student Senate. Smith also sponsored a good deal of Senate resolutions, including ones that ended up bringing the Regents to Senate meetings once a quarter and another that improved accessibility for students navigating work zones around campus.



  • Maintain communication with ASUW Student Senate and ensure that it takes an active role in on campus affairs and issues
  • Preserve cooperation with GPSS on key joint issues such as advocacy, academic quality, and student life
  • BARK Against Budget Cuts, Child Care Task Force, UW Lobby Day
  • Given the unprecedented economic climate we are in, focus on advocating for student interests in Faculty Council committees and ensuring that maintaining academic quality is a priority
  • Reopen tutor labs, stop increasing student/advisor ratio
  • Fight for the preservation of lab and quiz sections
  • Work with the President and Director of Policy and Procedures to maintain regular communication with the Office of Government Relations to ensure that the ASUW has an effective and transparent lobbying and organizing strategy
  • Maintain active negotiations with UW Administration to ensure that students have a seat at the table
  • Follow up on all agreements made between students and ICA
  • Preserve the relationship between the ASUW and UW Transportation to fight for a fair and equitable U-PASS program


  • Work with the Director of Community Relations to keep a regular presence at key campus community gatherings
  • SAB, RHSA, Senate, IFC, PHC, UGC
  • Advertise the multitude of opportunities that the ASUW offers to all students
  • Strengthen ASUW’s presence within Dawg Daze, the FIG program, and First Year Experience communities to maximize outreach to freshmen
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