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Evan Smith is serving as the President of the 112th Session of the ASUW. Smith, who ran with The Huskies Impact in the 2012 ASUW Elections, was previously the chair of the UW chapter of the Washington Student Association, the Director of University Affairs and served two terms in the Student Senate. Smith also sponsored a good deal of Senate resolutions, including ones that ended up bringing the Regents to Senate meetings once a quarter and another that improved accessibility for students navigating work zones around campus.


Student Empowerment

  • Increase student shared governance on campus by institutionalizing our voice within policy development and decision-making processes:
  • Continue implementation of university-wide student college councils
  • Fight for passage of shared governance legislation in Olympia
  • Engage in negotiations with UW Administration:
  • Ensure Athletics prioritizes student interests in the CenturyLink transition and Husky Stadium renovation
  • Provide a consistent presence within campus conversations regarding alternative budgeting strategies and models
  • Maintain communication with ASUW Senate to ensure it takes an active role in on campus affairs
  • Strengthen the ASUW presence within the Washington Student Association and lobbying efforts through the Office of Government Relations
  • Preserve cooperation with GPSS on issues such as academic quality, student life and university affairs

Community Engagement

  • Commit to transparent governance and institute regular video updates on the accomplishments of the ASUW
  • Ensure a strong ASUW presence at key campus community gatherings
  • Advertise the multitude of opportunities that the ASUW offers to all students
  • Strengthen ASUW’s presence within Dawg Daze, the FIG/TrIG program, and First Year Experience communities to maximize outreach
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