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=Current and Past GPSS Secretaries=
=Current and Past GPSS Secretaries=
[[Lindsay Morse]], GPSS Secretary 2009-]]
[[Yutaka Jono, GPSS Secretary 2006-2009]]
[[Yutaka Jono, GPSS Secretary 2006-2009]]

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Graduate and Professional Student Senate Secretary

Lindsay Alane Morse

Goals for 2009-2010:

  • to work closely with the ASUW on issues that affect both graduate and undergraduate students at UW, and to foster a more cohesive relationship between the two groups
  • to represent the needs and views of graduate and professional students to the ASUW Board of Directors and Senate with faithfulness and integrity
  • to better disseminate information concerning the work and current projects of the GPSS--for example, through a monthly newsletter, the GPSS website, and facebook

Job Description

• Represents and reports graduate and professional student issues to the ASUW Board of Directors (as well as the ASUW Senate and the ASUW Senate Steering if no other GPSS representative is present) on a weekly basis

• Develops GPSS publications (such as The Guide to Life and The Senator Handbook) and GPSS website

• Maintains current GPSS membership and mailing lists

• Distributes announcements and information to Senators

• Ensures the proper functioning of all GPSS ad-hoc committees

• Serves on the following committees: the Executive Committee, ASUW Board of Directors, Judicial Committee (without a vote), Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP) Student Advisory Board

• Serves as the official parliamentarian of the GPSS in accordance with procedure set forth in the most recent edition of Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure by Alice Sturgis

• Coordinates and enhances the diversity efforts of the GPSS

• Works together with GO-MAP/OMA, the ASUW Commissions, FIUTS (Foundation for International Understanding Through Students), registered student organizations and other diversity groups to communicate and address diversity needs

• Supports diversity enhancing programs using the Diversity Fund

• Coordinates the MLK Jr Day of Service, working with the United Way of King County and The Carlson Center

• Plans and programs Graduate and Professional Education Week, working with the Graduate School

• Coordinates recognitions and awards from the GPSS

• Supervises the GPSS Publications Assistant and Webmaster

Delineated Duties




The Graduate and Professional Student Senate Representative to the Board of Directors shall:

A. Serve as a member of the Board of Directors; and

B. Be governed by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate. The GPSS representative shall also act in accordance with the ASUW Constitution and Bylaws when performing official duties associated with the ASUW

Current and Past GPSS Secretaries

Lindsay Morse, GPSS Secretary 2009-]]

Yutaka Jono, GPSS Secretary 2006-2009

Katherine van Maren, GPSS Secretary 2005-2006

Jeff Stevens, GPSS Secretary 2004-2005

Didem Havlioglu, GPSS Secretary 2003-2004

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