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These help pages were copied and then adapted with permission from the main help pages at MediaWiki. If you notice something missing please feel free to e-mail the ASUW Tech for assistance or, if you feel up to it, add it yourself.

In addition to the default namespaces an additional namespace has been created for use on this wiki: Uw.

What is special about the Uw namespace

The main thing that is special about the Uw namespace is that only people with UWNetID's can do anything with these pages, including reading. This allows creation of pages that are only able to be read by the UW community that are not available to the public.

How to use the Uw namespace

Creating a page or linking to a page in the Uw namespace is really very easy. The only difference is that the page you are linking to will start with Uw: (U-w-[colon]), such as Uw:Sandbox. Note the capitalization of Uw, it matters. As long as you keep that little caveat in mind you can be on your way to creating Uw only documents immediately.

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