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Interfraternity Council Website

About IFC

Fraternity life is a tradition deeply rooted in the history of the University of Washington. For over a 100 years, fraternities at the University of Washington have strived for a high level of excellence and success. Through individual chapter academic enrichment and community service programs, fraternity men have played an influential role on campus, in the surrounding community and throughout the greater Seattle area.

Through their experiences in a fraternity, young men are able to develop leadership skills and experience tremendous personal growth while pursuing their academic interests. Fraternities host community service events, raise money for local and national charities, and assist each other in maintaining high academic standards. During their time spent at the University of Washington, fraternity men develop lifelong friendships. Joining a fraternity is one of the best decisions you can make.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) shall be to provide a vital and articulate instrument for member fraternities in order to secure harmony in interfraternal relationships; to promote the welfare of the students within the individual fraternities; to help solve the problems common to all its members to their mutual benefit; to establish cooperation between the fraternities and the University administration, University community and the general public in order to support, encourage and promote the constant forward progress of the University of Washington for experience and knowledge.

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