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=109th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Director of Faculty, Administration and Academic Affairs=
[[Image:Jason.png |thumb|200px|]]
Jason Padvorac served as [[Director of Faculty, Administration and Academic Affairs]] for the [[109th Session]].
===Jason Padvorac===
'''Goals for 2009-2010'''
'''Goals for 2009-2010'''

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Jason Padvorac served as Director of Faculty, Administration and Academic Affairs for the 109th Session.

Goals for 2009-2010

  • Effectively work for affordable tuition and better financial aid by through a new grassroots organizing initiative
  • Face the budget crisis by initiating advocacy throughout campus and proactively providing community and departmental clubs with training and resources, and by backing them with the full weight of the ASUW
  • Build into campus communities by having a regular presence at SAB, RHSA, IFC, PHC, NPHC, UGC, CIC
  • Leverage the voice of ASUW on campus to get more done by creating significant new opportunities for volunteer advocacy
  • Encourage involvement and maintain accountability by bringing transparency to the position with a comprehensive online database of current issues
  • Empower student senators to implement resolutions by providing individual mentoring and assistance
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