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Jed Bradley was Director of Faculty, Administration, and Academic Affairs for the 110th Session and Student Senate Chair for Session XVI.

Goals for 2009-2010

  • Increase relevancy of resolutions by increasing follow up. Sponsor and/or Senate leadership would present the legislation or more personally deliver it to the administration/student groups affected. It is the responsibility of the aforementioned parties to ensure that a passed resolution achieves the change it seeks.
  • Increase relevancy by ensuring the Vice Chair effectively communicates all legislation to the Board of Directors, and that the BOD follows through with legislation they chose to affirm. This will be achieved by establishing and maintaining a good rapport with the BOD.
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors to implement positive changes to Senate and the rest of the ASUW to make the organization more effective in advocacy and more relevant to the students.
  • Work with the Membership Coordinator to implement retention strategies to decrease turn-over of Senators. I will continue forums on how to write legislation and implement new forums to teach Parliamentary Procedure. I will also implement an optional t-shirt and/or business card package for Senators. The t-shirt will serve as an advertisement for Senate, not a sign of membership.
  • Bring together Senators from various backgrounds to discuss and implement strategies to increase the efficiency of Senate meetings and passage of legislation. Through Senate Steering and the Oversight Committee, we will look at the way resolutions are written, put through committee and to the floor and establish ways to streamline and simplify the process.
  • Work closely with the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) to ensure that all legislation dealing with important issues is passed by both bodies, and that the intent of the resolutions is consistent. To do this I will maintain a good working relationship with GPSS and our representatives.
  • Increase campus involvement in Senate by better advertising meetings and resolutions through the use of The Daily and other outreach entities. Having weekly reports in The Daily about what Senate has passed or failed would increase transparency to students and provide incentive to get involved. This used to happen, we just need to bring it back.
  • Set new guidelines for Senators so that they are more accountable and representative of their given RSO, Commission, or living community. This would be accomplished by utilizing email lists and RSO, Commission, and Hall Council meetings: possibly requiring a certain amount of contact between Senators and the groups they are representing.
  • Create an effective, approachable, and resourceful Senate Leadership.
  • Maintain a diverse, welcoming, and open forum at Senate meetings for all students to speak for and against issues they are passionate about.
  • Become extremely well versed in Sturgis Parliamentary Procedure, Senate Rules and Bylaws, and the ASUW Constitution.
  • Provide information, support, and guidance on legislation and other Senate issues.
  • Maintain an unbiased Senate, free from political agenda.
  • Represent and promote Senate views and standing opinion passionately and effectively across campus and in Olympia.
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