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Director of Faculty, Administration and Academic Affairs

To ensure that institutional memory is preserved within the Associated Student of the University of Washington, this section will include objectives and goals, FAA protocol and archived materials to assist future Directors. We can learn from eachother's work and make progress if we look to the past for guidance. It is crucial that we pass down traditions and document our failed attempts and greater successes so that the Associated Student of the University of Washington continues to thrive and succeed.

Director Contact Information

Phuong Nguyen Director of Faculty, Administration and Academic Affairs, 2008-2009
Associated Students of the University of Washington
Phone: 206.543.1780
Office: HUB 104C Office Hours

Autumn 2007 Goals

(Submitted to the Personnel Director, as required by all ASUW employees)

G1: "It is my goal to get off to a great start this year!" This includes meeting and orienting all of the Faculty Council appointed volunteers by sitting down with them one on one and informing them of my expectations for them as ASUW Representatives and also letting them know I am here if they have any questions or concerns. I want to keep that constant communication with them so the ASUW is always informed of pertinent student issues that are relative to Faculty Councils and other committees.

G2: "Be more accessible to my peers!" The nature of this position does not usually allow a lot of face time with fellow students within the 19 hours we are paid to work. (More than 12 hours a week I spend in meetings) I anticipate that I will be working longer hours than expected and I want to dedicate much of that time to meet with fellow students and get to hear their opinions, feedback and concerns. This will include spending more time in the ASUW office, making it a point to introduce myself to ASUW leaders and volunteers within the Husky Union Building, and having a consistent presence at the Student Senate.I believe the main responsibility of my position is to truly "represent" students. In order to adequately do so, I need to make sure I am spending time with them,equipping myself to properly address their concerns to the appropriate faculty and University administration.

G3: Be a support to the rest of the Board of Directors. I want to make sure that my fellow Board members are doing the best they can, and sometimes that means getting a little advice or assistance. Not only am I the Director of FAA but I am a Board Member and that means that I am responsible for the success of others that I work with. Part of my job description details assisting the Vice President with the Open selection process; not only for my Faculty Council appointments but for other open ASUW committees. Since it is crucial that we select qualified people and fresh faces for ASUW committees, it is my goal to dedicate time to assist the Vice President with recruitment and any other BOD members with their projects and needs. I want to keep my fellow employee accountable and ask that they do the same.

Jennifer H. Hahn

Updated 10/24/2007, J.H.H

Faculty Councils

There will be one ASUW Representative on all 14 Faculty Councils according to the Faculty Senate Code-

Faculty Council on Research: Poonam Nathu
Faculty Council on Instructional Quality*: Jennifer Hahn
Faculty Council on University Facilities and Services: Vacant
Faculty Council on Educational Technology: Vacant
Faculty Council on Academic Standards*: Jennifer Hahn
Faculty Council on Educational Outreach: Inigo Esteban
Faculty Council on Student Affairs*: Jennifer Hahn
Faculty Council on Benefits and Retirement: Andrew Everett
Faculty Council on Multicultural Affairs: Tyson Johnston
Faculty Council on Tri-Campus Policy: Shawn Fisher
Faculty Council on University Libraries: Nataly Bankson
Faculty Council on Faculty Affairs*: Jennifer Hahn
Faculty Council on University Relations: Vacant
Faculty Council on Women in Academia: Selma Dillsi

*Delineated to the Director of Faculty, Administration and Academic Affairs according to ASUW Bylaws

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