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Jocelyn McCurtain is serving as the Vice President for the 111th Session of the ASUW. McCurtain, who ran with the Huskies United ticket in the 2011 ASUW Elections, was this past year's UW Leaders Director and was the director of SARVA the year before. McCurtain has also been a commuter senator and was a student trustee at the University of Washington Book Store.


As the UW Leaders Director and past Committee Organizing Rape Education (CORE) Director, I have gained valuable and necessary experience regarding financial responsibility and employee accountability. As a member of the Bookstore Board of Trustees I have had the opportunity to oversee the inner workings of one of UW's largest associated firms, focusing on the distribution of its funds and protecting shareholder interests. I will draw upon these experiences to accomplish the following: Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

  • Work closely with all ASUW employees to formulate tangible goals pertaining to financial spending, student involvement and performance monitoring.
  • Establish weekly meetings with the Finance & Budget Director to develop financial strategies and operating plans for the betterment of the ASUW.
  • Hold the ASUW President and Board of Directors accountable for goals established throughout the year ensuring that each member outreaches to liaisons and greater student body.

Internal ASUW Engagement

  • Hold weekly meetings with the Experimental College, Bike Shop and Off-Campus Housing Affairs, working as their representative and liaison on the Board of Directors.
  • Help to develop benchmarks and metrics, in order to hold these enterprises accountable and to ensure their success throughout the year.
  • Work with these enterprises to develop both short and long term financial and organizational goals.

Student Outreach

  • Promote student engagement by utilizing the Governance Committee to establish long-term student goals and opinions both relating to the ASUW and the greater community.
  • Work closely with the Director of Community Relations to increase visibility to the student body regarding ASUW’s organizational goals.
  • Establish weekly meetings with the Director of Communications to increase visibility to the student body of ASUW goals and events.
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