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Jonathan Winn is serving as the Director of Diversity Efforts for the 111th Session of the ASUW. Winn, who ran with the Imagine UW ticket during the 2011 ASUW Elections, was the previous President of the UW's Black Student Union. Winn was also the lead organizer of the Student Diversity Commission and has worked with the Office of Government Relations' BARK Against Budget Cuts campaign.


Advocate continuously for diversity within ASUW

  • Ensure diversity issues are heard and acted upon in ASUW
  • Push for more representation of diverse communities in ASUW
  • Compel ALL board of director members to attend key events that are important and vital to the communities I will be representing

Develop more diversity-related programs and events

  • Work closely with ASUW Commissions to create programs that promote diversity and educate others about key issues
  • Encourage Commissions Directors to throw programs and events collectively to create unity among different diverse communities
  • Publicize events to ALL corners of campus so everyone can partake
  • Encourage Commission Directors to co-sponsor and publicize more events of their constituents more heavily

Ensure continuity in diversity within ASUW so that future Huskies will benefit.

  • Heavily advertise and promote the 58 ASUW positions available to the Women’s Center, Q Center, and Ethnic Cultural Center
  • Encourage communities to be the students’ voice by representing and feeling the need to take part in BOD meetings.
  • Ensure Regents hear the issues of our community by encouraging the community to attend and speak at their meetings
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