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== About La Raza ==
== About La Raza ==

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About La Raza

The ASUW La Raza Student Commission is one of seven commissions established by the student governmet at UW to help support the student voice of underrepresented communities. The commission helps Latino/Hispanic (undergrads, grads) students get connected to the Latino/Hispanic faculty and staff. We promote culture, education and leadership. One of our core values is to educate others about our culture through quarterly events and co-sponsorship of events with other organizations.

La Raza is a great way to get involved in the Latino/Hispanic community through volunteering, collaboration on current projects with students, helping out with our newsletter and through leadership development. We also help those connect with constituent student groups (those groups that fall under the umbrella of the commission.

Our 2005-2006 Director is Yecelica Valdivia

Our website can be found at ""


The center is to be used as a student resource for economic, political, and social change. This is made by several objectives, which include networking and coordinating with local, as well as, national organizations, maintaining community involvement, assist incoming students, and work toward university accessibility.


The history of La Raza Commission Center is one that was conceived and fostered by student political activism. La Raza Commission Center was originally founded by Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A.) in 1981. M.E.Ch.A. was born out of the barrios in 1969, at the height of U.S. social unrest as communities of color demanded social and economic justice. M.E.Ch.A. formulated its direction from the barrios, committed to grass roots organizing and taking actions on behalf of its communities. M.E.Ch.A. Commission changed its name to La Raza Commission Center in 1997 to ensure inclusion amongst all Latin@s and breakdown nationality division as we see social and economic issues and concerns in Latin@ communities related and interconnected.

Although the name of the Commission has changed to La Raza to make all Latin@s feel included and to develop a comprehensive understanding of Latin America, its political philosophies stil strive to maintain a progressive effort to improve the conditions of our communities. La Raza Commission Center believes all people should have unrestricted access to higher education, all people have the right to work to ensure descent pay with dignity, and all peoples have the right to self-determination. La Raza Commission believes a developed movement for self-determination is made by an enhanced cultural identity and civic involvement, as the politics of any people cannot be separated from their culture. This is why it is imporant for all commission activities be planned with this in mind

Past Directors

2004-2005 Chris Paredes
2003-2004 Edgar Flores
2002-2003 Dee Dee Navarro
2001-2002 Justin Cerrillo


Graduate/Professional Groups:

Chicano/Latino Mentorship Network (CLMN)
Hispanic Business Students' Association (HBSA)
Latino Law Students' Association (LLSA)
Latino Medical Students' Association (LMSA)
Latino Policy Association (LPA)
Latino Social Workers
Society of Professional Hispanic engineers (SHPE)

Undergraduate Student Groups:

Americanos y Latinos en Medicina y Ayudando (ALMA)
Hispanic Scholar Chaper (HSC)
Intertesed Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha (ILTA)
Latino Fellowship (La Fe)
La Raza Graduation Planning Committee
Lambda Theta Alpha (LTA)
Latino Student Union
Mariachi Quinto Sol
Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan (MEChA)
Omega Delta Phi Fraternity (ODPhi)
Radio Magallanes
Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity (SLB)
Sigma Lambda Gamma Colony (SLG)
Unidas Seremos

Alumni Groups:

Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority (GAO)


Adelante! Mentoring Program
Bailadores de Bronze
Capoeira Angola FICA
Caribbean African Jazz and Hip Hop (CAJAH)
Committee Pro-San Jeronimo
Guatemala Book Project
Joyas Mestizas
Latino Student Organization [UW Tacoma]
Manana Coalition
Mano a Mano
Minority Association of Pre-health Students
Realistic Effective Active Logistics
UW Salsa Club

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