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Lee Dunbar served as ASUW President for the 105th Session.


Quarter by Quarter Guidance (Written by Lee Dunbar)

The help I receive is less from people I know that I delegate to than it is from my fellow board members, especially FAA and also the Student Lobbyist. They are the ones that helped the most. As for resources, I utilize my email and my planner the most. The cell phone I have not utilized as much as previously thought.


I got my education in higher education for summer quarter. I was also new to the ASUW so set out to understand it clearly. I made tours to each office, sat down with directors that were working over the summer, and had weekly lectures with Rene on the history. Beyond the ASUW, I read numerous literature on state government and politics, especially the budget. In the university, I went to the July Regent meeting and committees and was able to sit in on the Student Regent Training. There I got to meet every policy maker in one day. My head was spinning but the notebook I got is the bible of how the UW works. I met with many administrators and what I ended up with was that UW was entering a time that would be nothing short of revolutionary, which had its first rumblings in a committee scheduled to be done before the Provost arrived in June. Typically in higher ed, a President's second year begins a restructuring and shake down. My take was to be cautious but also welcome the idea of the UW getting out of its post-McCorrmick lethargy. You will need to get up to speed on this entire thing.


At the begining was the surprise need of Katrina students. We pulled together with other UW admins accomidated them. It was a great way to serve. UW hosted a thanksgiving dinner for them at which the Governor attended. Get ready for a surprise event like that and see where you can go. MEET, MEET, MEET people. You will be sitting through many meetings, but try not to leave any early. Also, come to the first Faculty Executive Councils they definately give you a good understanding. The professional goals I set out evolved over time as I set out in the position, so be ready for that. My goal of setting out a quarterly meeting between the communities: RHSA, the Greek Community, and the ECC, was changed in that I set out instead to build the relationships. Its good for these groups to meet, often they have the same complaints. RHSA wanted a better residence life program while the Greeks wanted a better tie to the University that was positive, an interesting overlap.

The obstacles I faced were namely time management and institutional and bureaucratic understanding. I believe that they have been midigated but often I believed myself to be in freshman year again. The important improvement I had learned was that I must understand that I will not understand everything nor predict everything. This required me to know certain values that the Senate resolved or I understood remained within the confines of student interest and base the quick decisions off those.


Winter quarter began quietly on the homefront, the Undergrad Experience Committee had reached the end, now I needed a response. The majority of my efforts were going to be focused in Olympia. I expect the same from you. In Fall we prepared, we made political connections in the Pre-Session Reception as well as the Student Lobbyist's participation in Committee Days in December. We also got a good idea of the political terrain in my participation in Senate Committee on Planning and Budgetting (SCPB). This gave me a good idea of what UW need and what it would be requesting. We got a scare about the student conduct code early on, which we eventually found would go to committee on Febuary 2nd. Thankfully lobby day was earlier, and some administration and myself went down to Olympia that morning to testify. I had attempted the night before to sway the president of the neighborhood association (UPCC) to see that a new committee on the subject, led by the university was the right way to go. After some time we agreed to disagree. Be ready for that. In Winter the Senate comes into its own, this means it will grow into lively debates, interesting things and controversial votes will most assuredly come up. Be ready to engage the public on these matters. Now many people expect for me to discuss the Colonel Boyington Resolution, I discuss that issue at length in The press and public.


Spring was in like a lion, it was the busiest time of the year. The faculty and administration started up what seemed like a million committees and task forces at the same time. This was namely due to what I discussed earlier, the revolutionary year. You will need to delegate but also stretch your time better. The University Budget Committee (UBC) was not only discussing the next year's budget but would finally approach and settle the issue of what the long-session would look like for UW. It was quiet until after long debates on other issues that I and other students had with the requests, the administration concluded it would seek local control. It was important to explain the issue and to approach it fairly. Too many people had grown tired of students hating the issue. So we needed a fresh, positive approach to it. The administration remains inconclusive on what local control would look like but it is encouraging that it will likely be different from what it was for graduate students. Mixed with this, Spring also means Spring Concert, and that was a lot of energy and time in making sure we had a better show that the year before. You will be expected to take a leading role. Along with Spring Concert is the ASUW Budget and SAF requests, both of which encountered some heavy budget criseses. These will need to be solved within your year. With the budget was elections. Like it or not, elections make it difficult in ASUW. The office will be understaffed in the busiest time of the year all while office politics is ratched up to the next level. Judicial likes to do clean up in Spring so its crazy there too. We did some search committees for the two new positions created in the restructure, Eric Godfrey's and Ed Taylor's. During this was also much student angst against the speed at which OMA was being thrown into this reformat especially in the wake of the speedy Dr. Barcello departure. It's important the OMA not be quickly changed, it was created by student involvement and must be changed the same way. All in all, expect Spring to be crazy.

Top 10 Contacts

Top 10 Successes & Failures

Top 10 Successes

  • Failure of Student Conduct Code
  • ASUW Response to Undergraduate Experience Report
  • GPSS relationship
  • Conclusion to WSL Reform Movement by our terms
  • Beats, Cords, and Comedy Spring Concert
  • Local Control article in Seattle PI
  • Involvement on University Budget Committee
  • ASUW ties with legislators
  • ASUW Response to Pow Wow Funding
  • Communication (Public, The Daily, and UW administration)

Top 10 Failures

  • ASUW Budget Communication
  • Use of my assistant
  • 100 year Anniversary
  • Communication with other AS Presidents in the State
  • Getting enough volunteers for projects
  • University Bookstore Senate Resolution
  • Not enough time in the ECC, Greek Houses, and Residence Halls
  • Getting volunteers more quickly on committees
  • Connection with enterprises
  • Getting American Sign Language Program and American Ethnic Studies Graduate Program more codified in the budget

Thoughts on the duties of president

Required Reading

Undergraduate experience report

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