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The Legislative Agenda is drafted by the Legislative Steering Committee and is used by the Office of Government Relations, their Director and Assistant Director as the official legislative priorities of the ASUW. The Director lobbies for the state government portion of the Legislative Agenda in Olympia, and the Assistant Director aids in the state level lobbying, and also lobbies for the local government portion in the Seattle and King County area.

Current Legislative Agenda (2010-2011)

Legislative Agenda 2010-2011

A preamble was added to the Legislative Agenda that highlights the importance of the University of Washington receiving adequate funding from the State of Washington. For years the State Legislature has been disinvesting in higher education. In-state students pay a higher percentage of their tuition than the state. TripUmbach published a report that was the result of an investigation on the merits of funding the University. They found that for every dollar given to the University it brings $22.56 to the Washington economy. This proves that the future of Washington state depends on the strength of higher education; divestment in higher education is divestment in the people of Washington state. The Legislative Agenda reprioritized the order in which topics were discussed in the Legislative Agenda.

Previous Legislative Agendas

Legislative Agenda (2013-2014)

Legislative Agenda (2011-2012)

Legislative Agenda (2008-2009)

Legislative Agenda (2005-2006)

Legislative Agenda 2004-2005)

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