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[[Image:2008_Luke_O'Bannan.jpg|thumb|100px|Luke O'Bannan]]
[[Image:2008_Luke_O'Bannan.jpg|thumb|200px|Luke O'Bannan]]
Luke O'Bannan served as [[Director of Operations]] for the [[108th Session]].
Luke O'Bannan served as [[Director of Operations]] for the [[108th Session]].

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Luke O'Bannan

Luke O'Bannan served as Director of Operations for the 108th Session.

[edit] Director of Operations

[edit] Term as Director

Luke O'Bannan oversaw a significant expansion and improvement of the [ASUW Wiki], which made ASUW Governing Documents, history, and general information more readily available.

[edit] Goals for 2008-2009:

  • Take a role in supporting the other board members and aiding them in their tasks
  • Increase searchability and usability of ASUW documents, and transference of association archives to electronic media
  • Increase the Director of Operation's role in dialoguing and working with the Student Senate
  • Meet with senators and resolution sponsors to increase effective communication
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