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109th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Vice President

Madeleine McKenna

Goals for 2008-2009

Make ASUW a stronger advocate for student voice

  • Recruit proactive and qualified ASUW volunteers to monitor the university budget and use of student fees on ASUW, university, and faculty committees.
  • Amplify the impact of students in university governance by providing continued support and leadership development opportunities for all current ASUW volunteers.
  • Facilitate communication between ASUW volunteers, Student Senate, and the Board of Directors to make sure that all of the Association’s moving parts are working in tandem.
  • Build a diverse applicant pool for ASUW volunteer positions and integrate historically marginalized communities within student government.

Make ASUW responsive, accountable, and relevant to the student body it serves

  • Expand on existing projects to increase the transparency of the ASUW and increase student awareness about what ASUW is and what it does.
  • Hold the ASUW accountable to its stated purpose and goals, as well as hold Board of Directors members accountable to campaign promises.
  • Open ongoing lines of communication between ASUW and other student groups.

Empower and inspire an active student citizenry.

  • Increase opportunities for volunteerism in the ASUW through new projects and programs such as ASUW Ambassadors, a new student government outreach program.
  • Host forums to promote cross-campus collaboration and dialogue among student groups, including a student leadership summit.
  • Foster a more caring, personal, and unified campus culture through such initiatives as a peer mentorship program for all incoming UW students.
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