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[[Image:Maggie.png |thumb|100px|]]
[[Image:Maggie.png |thumb|100px|]]
Maggie Bennett is currently [[Director of Organizational Relations]] for the [[109th Session]].
Maggie Bennett served as [[Director of Organizational Relations]] for the [[109th Session]].

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Maggie Bennett served as Director of Organizational Relations for the 109th Session.

Goals for 2009-2010

  • Audit and evaluate ASUW enterprises and hold them to the highest accountability by spending the summer reviewing the entities' financial and performance histories and working with their leadership to determine strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth or expansion.
  • Coordinate with relevant board members to provide and facilitate open and effective communication between ASUW entities.
  • Ensure that ASUW funds are being allocated appropriately and with the best interests of students in mind by tracking the performances of the ASUW entities and engaging with their leadership.
  • Increase visibility and accessibility of ASUW enterprises in order to best serve all students through effective publicity and outreach.
  • Help the ASUW entities begin to act like businesses, operating with long-term goals, budget plans and revenue forecasts.
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