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[[Image:2008_Natalie_Bankson.jpg|thumb|100px|Natalie Bankson]]
[[Image:2008_Natalie_Bankson.jpg|thumb|200px|Natalie Bankson]]
====108th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Director of Organizational Relations====
Natalie Bankson served as [[Director of Organizational Relations]] for the [[108th Session]].
:'''Natalie Bankson'''
==Goals for 2008-2009:==
==Goals for 2008-2009:==

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Natalie Bankson

Natalie Bankson served as Director of Organizational Relations for the 108th Session.

[edit] Goals for 2008-2009:

  • To improve efficiency in the Off-Campus Housing Affair's student services, and the Experimental College's financial stabilization
  • To increase the visibility of all four ASUW Entities on campus
  • To build advocacy for the all four ASUW Entities on the Finance and Budget Committee
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